Nothing to win a well-designed square business card. The screams: “I’m modern-day business!” at the top of its lungs while subtly shooting branding laserbeams right into everyone’s eyes.

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Ok, probably it doesn’t have laser beam technology… yet.

But, square business cards space the hottest-thing-since-sliced-bread. So, we believed that anything that’s this saturation in design and also branding elements must have actually some distinctive card holders and cases to companion it.

Oh, boy were we right!

After an exhaustive search that took united state to the highest possible peaks that the most dangerous hills (in our chairs eating Cheetos on Google) we have made decision that, there is no a doubt, these space our 8 favorite square business card cases and holder.

Let’s dive in and see why it’s i know good to be square!

Knock top top “Wood”

There’s something about wooden card instances that areequal parts beautiful and professional. So, when we came acrossKonisaStudio’s100% hardwood Square service Card Holder ~ above Etsy, we immediately fell in love.

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Whether you want a square card situation with moose(mooses? meeses? meese? moosies?) birds, or pineapples, DearSukie has actually it.

We love the variety of options that this user provides. Each among these will hold a couple of cards and also run you approximately $7, which way that you have the right to pick increase one because that every day of the week. Us feel choose Thursday is one alpaca day, for this reason you’ll certainly need the one that has alpacas in sweaters and also beanies for her collection.

Anytime we see people being unique, creative and putting out bold and also affordable products; we’re on board.


There we have actually it! below are our 8 favorite square map holders and also cases. There space a ton of options out there, and we heavily recommend Etsy.

Not just is Etsy filled with creative-types who desire to share their art with the world, however you can additionally generally uncover something you’ll favor no matter who girlfriend are.

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So, grab a square cardholder and also a square card instance for those square organization cards! Oh, you don’t have actually square organization cards?

Why not head on over to the square business card shop.

We can design you a company card that will certainly blow you and also your client clean out of the water. Remember, memorable organization cards cause memorable impressions. Be memorable! select