I"d like to access files in an iPhone, such as using remotely connecting via ssh and telnet. But it appears that the iPhone"s ssh or telnet are not supported. I can ping it, but cannot use telnet or ssh.

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I read through some internet article, it appears that using jailbreak or Cydia it is doable, but I guess it would break my iPhone"s license.

Is there an official way to ssh or telnet into my iPhone?


You can"t just access any file in a non-jailbroken iPhone.

You can access data files for your own programs during development using Xcode"s Organizer, go to Devices -> your iphone -> Summary -> Applications -> your app, click on the triangle thingy to show the Application Data, which you can download.

Otherwise use something like Airsharing (see moogs" answer which came as I was writing this) to upload&download a bunch of files.


I loved ssh-ing before, but Airsharing is even better. You can upload files via a wifi connection to your ipod (using a browser or via webDAV). It was free for the first few weeks, but now it goes for $4.99. That"s still not bad.You can view office, image, pdf and html files.

(I"m not affiliated with airsharing, just a happy user :) )




I was very surprised and please with iPhone Explorer. It"s one of those softwares that just work and needs nothing installed on the iPhone, but it will give full file access if your iphone is jailbroken.

Now, of course ideally we"d install something on the iPhone without needing anything on the computer and access files on the iPhone like a pen drive (and unlike some apps that do that but only through HTTP and wi-fi), but this is fairly good enough. And it"s free! Because they use it to promote their other apps, and file exploring on iPhone is nearly useless for most users anyway.

There"s just no way jose in hell to access all files in the iPhone without jailbreaking. Period. Apple have never allowed it.

You can do it with iFunbox, but you dont have access to edit, move , delete the system files , so you dont have full access to have full access you need to jailbreak your iDevice.

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