The Woodlane Drive-In opened up in April 1954. Vehicle capacity was initially 280 cars. The drive-in was operated by republic Theatres and also closed in 1983.

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According come, this Drive-in is now Sellers-Sexton Ford Lincoln Mazda. Topography reflects there to be a Drive-in in ~ this location in 1985 around its closing. It likewise looks choose the screen structure is tho on the property to the southwest of the dealership.

The deal with for this Drive-in is currently 341 VFW Memorial Dr, St Robert, MO 65584.

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There were occasional fly-in drive-in theaters, but the Woodlane is the just one I recognize to obtain its power knocked the end by a airplane crash.

The April 2, 1966 concern of the Springfield (MO) day-to-day News reported the a single-engine Stinson 106 to be flying as well low over united state 66. The clipped circulation lines but kept going for number of miles “with a power line rolling from its tail.” after breaking more power lines, consisting of the one causing the Woodlane, the airplane crashed right into two cars close to the ft Leonard Wood main gate and was damaged by fire. Only minor injuries to be reported, yet the pilot was charged through “flying an aircraft too low while consuming intoxicating beverages”.


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An assistant manager, James Barnhart, was shot and killed by three soldiers from ft Leonard timber in one attempted rob on July 20, 1960. The complying with February, the create man to be sentenced to life in prison.


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I believe this drive-in opened in July 1955. Indigenous the July 23, 1955 Motion photo Herald: “The Woodlane drive-in theater, Waynesville, Mo., had its gala opening recently and the merchants of the city acquired together and also ran a full-page advertising in the Waynesville newspaper congratulating the management.”

The 1955-56 Theatre Catalog listed the Woodlane through a volume of 280 cars, owned by commonwealth Amuse. Co.

A “Drive-In” through no other details debuted under Waynesville in the 1955 Motion picture Almanac. The following year, it to be the timber Lane, capacity 380, owner commonwealth Amuse. Co. That’s how it stayed through 1976; the 1977 version dropped the capacity of the “Woodlane” come 200 with to the last MPA drive-in perform in 1988.

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Did the Woodlane have a soft opened in 1954? due to the fact that of the 1955 MPA listing, it more than likely existed prior to February that year. And then there’s this cryptic one-sentence note, providing an ext questions than answers, in the Dec. 25, 1954 worry of Motion picture Herald:

“The recently constructed Woodlane drive-in theatre at Waynesville, Mo., and all sound and also concession projection tools was destroyed recently.”


MichaelKilgore ~ above April 16, 2021 in ~ 10:23 am

Looks favor the Woodlane had much more than a soft opening in 1954, based on what I simply unearthed.

The Exhibitor, April 28, 1954: “The new Woodlane Drive-In, Waynesville, Mo., had actually a cool opening at which balloons were given to the children, flowers to the ladies, and cigars come the men. Prizes were given to the oldest human present, the car with the most people, and also the oldest mommy or dad present. Commonwealth Company, listed a cost-free playground for kiddies.”