Tactical defense Cabinet with Convertible inner

Holds 2-Tactical weapons and also up to 14 standard rifles or shotguns. The typical gun storage areas can be converted to warehouse with had shelving. Black hammertone paint end up with black color door, riveted stole tread key panels and silver/gray stole accents.

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This is California-approved Firearm Safety an equipment that meets the needs of Penal Code ar 23655 and the regulations issued thereunder. Functions a 3-point locking mechanism with a dual bitted crucial coded cylinder lock for greater security.


2–Gun tactical storage ar includes flexible barrel rests the are expanded to accommodate the added depth needed to keep tactical weapons. 7 Rifles or shotguns deserve to be save on each side the the tactical total storage section or deserve to be converted to shelving for storing ammo cans, pistols or various other items. 1 complete width stole shelf and 3 removable half shelves are included for included storage.

Exterior Dimensions:21” W, 18” D, 55” H

Shipping Weight:98 lbs

Interior Capacity:2 Tactical Weapons through room for 14 firearms or guns and also storage

Number of Shelves:1 complete width shelf and also 3 – half shelves

Locking Points:3

Master Carton Dimensions:21.5” W, 18.75” D, 57.625” H

Color:Black/Silver hammertone paint end up with black door, stole riveted tread bowl panels and silver/gray steel accents.

Notes:Not recommended because that storing CD’s or other digital storage devices. Fastening hardware is had with every cabinet. Safe need to be secured to a hard surface.



FREE Shipping (Standard): totally free curbside delivery with liftgate come the soil level.

Bronze: 1-2 person delivery to garage or an initial dry area. No weight limitation, stair or pallet removal.

Gold: within placement (ground level distribution only) pallet and debris removal.

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Platinum: within placement, approximately 2 flights that stairs, pallet and also debris removal. 900lb weight limitation for this service.