18 brand-new MAPS

Battle throughout the many iconic planets indigenous the films, TV shows, games and also Expanded Universe.

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Choose her side carefully and also take component in the greatest battles throughout the Galaxy through lots of new and unique units, weapons and leaders at her disposal.


15 video game MODES

Play even an ext classic game modes or gain several brand-new ones. Lug victory in a big game mode enabling up come 128 units complete or fight as a stormtrooper versus CIS droids in brand new cross-era game modes.



Fly an X-Wing choose Luke Skywalker or command one AT-AT and crush your enemies.



New experience and also impression because that battles in space.



Fight for manage of the Galaxy with new units on new locations.



High resolution assistance for key menu, brand-new loading screens and HUD fixes.



A neat energy designed for an easy management of the modification, wherein you can access useful guides and apply new settings consisting of AI heroes or gameplay adjustments.



Return earlier as an unidentified clone trooper and also replay campaign missions with brand-new models of units, heroes and also vehicles.

Get Battlefront IISaga Edition

Current version: 1.9Release date: in march 2021Compressed size: 1.6 GBExtracted size: 7 GBDOWNLOAD from ModDBor download directly from Google Drive

operation swbf2-saga-edition.exe;2. choose the folder whereby the video game is installed;3. follow the instructions and also complete the installation;4. open the launcher and configure the modification;5. gain the game!
Saga edition is not optimized for multiplayer. If you really want to try, usage the solution below. However keep in mind that the game could be unstable.Download "Star wars Battlefront I/II MasterServer Changer Script" — connect (Powered by SWBFSpy).Run "script.bat" with governmental privileges and also follow the instructions.To view all obtainable servers in game, walk to choices -> online -> find all areas -> Yes.You might also need to front the following TCP and also UDP ports in her router to enable people to connect to her server: 3500, 3658, 3659, 27900.
If the game constantly crashes back to the desktop with no error messages after girlfriend click on new Game or launch instant Action:Solution #1:
1. Walk to the control PANEL; 2. Collection view by CATEGORY;3. Open HARDWARE and also SOUND;4. Click on SOUND or regulate AUDIO DEVICES;5. Go to the recording tab;6. Appropriate CLICK in any open area within the tab;7. Select SHOW DISABLED DEVICES;8. Pick the stereo MIX and also TURN it ON;9. Gain the game!Solution #2:Just plug in a mic or headphones into your mic slot on her computer. Yep, this works too.
Is this mode compatible with other mods?A: Saga Edition functions from its very own folder and executable inside the game"s directory, so the doesn"t impact other modifications.Q: I acquire an error during the installation the says: "An error has arisen while do the efforts to change the present file: DeleteFile failed; code 5. Accessibility is denied." or "Error developing registry key: -//- RegCreateKeyEx failed; code 5. Accessibility is denied." or "Out of system resources."A: Reboot your PC, then begin the surroundings again.Q: I"ve started the game however nothing changed, there are no brand-new maps, modes and etc.A: You should start the game straight from the launcher.Q: wherein (or what) is the launcher you are talking about?A: You deserve to run the launcher indigenous the Start menu or desktop computer shortcut.Q: Is over there a means to operation the mod instead of the vanilla game from steam Library therefore it could count played hours?A: No, because the mod designed come run just from the launcher.Q: exactly how to run the game in windowed mode?A: open the launcher -> settings -> ">>" -> enter command heat switches -> kind "/win" without quotes.Q: Is over there a way to load my very own custom maps and mods with Saga Edition?A: The factor why you can not see practice maps and mods from Addon folder in Saga version is in the this mod alters a most core video game files and it is really hard to make it compatible with most of the addons. Besides, there room a many other limitations.Q: just how I deserve to increase reinforcement count in Uber Conquest, Supremacy and cross-era modes?A: increase the "Assault score limit" choice in the session"s settings.Q: The game crashes at any time I shot to play a certain map.A: shot to beat it immediately after booting increase the game. Some maps crash after ~ any number of maps have actually been played prior to it post-boot.Q: The game still crashes randomly throughout the gameplay even after I adhered to the crash solve instructions.A: try to collection "Output Mode" to "Surround" in the game"s audio options.A: shot to collection "Shadows" come "Low" in the game"s video clip options.Q: In-game audio is crackling or breaking.

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A: open up the launcher -> setups -> uncheck "Enable sound stutters fix".