For those of friend wondering how to catch up ~ above Star wars Rebels prior to the finale, or if you want to rewatch all of the episodes simply for sport; we’ve obtained you covered!

It’s tough to believe, but Star battles Rebels is virtually over, through the final episodes airing Monday night. What a ride it’s been, through Supervisingdirector Dave Filoni and the Lucasfilm story group delivering the goods for almost four years now. It’s impressive, most impressive that a present with a Youth-7 rating appeals to Star Wars pan of all ages — displaying the superior talents that Filoni and also his whole crew.

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Filoni and company also walk a wonderful job of concentrating on the new characters, rather of turning Rebels into a Clone Wars reunion show or focusing too lot on the original trilogycharacters. Anytime a big name pops increase on Rebels; there’s constantly a function for it.


Characters such together Darth Vader — voice by the iconic James Earl Jones once again — could have to be overused, yet Dave Filoni has the utmost respect because that his character. For other Star Wars legends, as well. He didn’t desire to water down their greatness by transforming Star wars Rebels into a nostalgic reunion, of sorts.

So, at any time Darth Vader, (the former Darth) Maul, Ahsoka, the Emperor, among others appeared; the stakes are at their highest.

I’m additionally extremely happy for Dave Filoni, who’s able come endStar wars Rebels ~ above his very own terms — unlike the Clone Wars which concludes prematurely. You deserve it, Mr. Filoni!

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As we technique the finish of Rebels Season 4, the may have actually been a while due to the fact that you’ve seen past episodes. Or, if you’re late to the party, you can want to capture up for the Rebels Season 4 finale. Whichever boat you’re in, we have you covered on how to watch EVERY single episode of Star battles Rebels, leading up to the series finale Monday night.

Disney XD has every single season and also episode ~ above their application Watch Disney Now app or WatchDisneyXDGo — even if it is you like using her computer, smartphone, or tablet devices.

Watch Rebels currently on your computer system with WatchDisneyXDGo

Watch Rebels now on the WatchDisneyNow app on your phone or tablet computer device. 

You are welcome. Now, you have actually all Saturday, Sunday, and even Monday to capture up on Star battles Rebels.Call in “sick” from occupational if you have to; due to the fact that watching Rebels and gearing up for the Rebels Season 4 finale is her number one priority.

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