It’s difficult to believe, but the MSM is in reality sharing a small bit of truth nowadays. No “the entirety truth and also nothing but the truth” but some, at least. This comes from Erin in ~ ‘Health seed News’.

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And if Snopes is her “trusted source” for the veracity the anything and everything, there’s an update below on their questionable intent, together well. They’ve become fully irrelevant. ~ BP


Full Article: ABC: professionals Say Flu shooting Potentially resulted in the Flu Epidemic (Shocker, in mainstream no less)

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Once one Actor, always An Actor: David Bowie Lives?

December 31, 2016January 1, 2017 by Number One (Patrick), post in Everything

Here’s a little bit of mirth come close out an amusing and intriguing year.

David Bowie shows up to it is in alive and well, and many have claimed the very same of numerous public entertainment figures over the year their cases met through understandable skepticism.

When actress Debbie Reynolds made she final departure this month—stage right—the job after her daughter, Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia, I had actually to progressive a quizzical eyebrow. Really? that can’t be a coincidence. And George Michael, too? Naw, no coincidence.

You rarely obtain to be a superstar top top this planet without the backing that the Illuminati. They traction the strings. Market your soul, and anything is possible—including a teary-eyed tribute, to boot.

Old performers never die; they simply pick up a brand-new persona. The magic the Hollywood.

Thanks because that the heads up, M. You might be correct in arguing some of these performers are seeking to sever the satanic pedophilia strings that might inevitably cause them—were they unable to come up v the juicy payment to manuscript their new lives; a temporary sanctuary.

Witness protection programs until PizzaGate blows over? anything is feasible in Hollywood. ~ BP

Source: Starship Earth: The large Picture.

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