Todd Gurley was a bust this season, yet he will deliver at the ideal time for Fantasy owners in main 16. Jamey Eisenberg says to to trust Gurley with confidence in your Fantasy title game.

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Todd Gurley has been the greatest bust this year. There"s no way to sugarcoat it. Based upon where he to be drafted compared to his manufacturing it"s to be vomit inducing.

yet now, if you advanced this far in spite of Gurley, is his time come reward you. And also he will, many thanks to his matchup v the 49ers.

There"s just been one week this season whereby a running earlier failed come score or gain 100 complete yards against San Francisco, which was Week 1 against, you guessed it, Gurley. The was organized to 17 carries because that 47 yards and one capture for minus-5 yards, which set the tone because that his negative year. Yet things have adjusted dramatically because that the 49ers defense.

There have actually been 13 running backs to gain 100 full yards against San Francisco, and the 49ers have permitted 25 total touchdowns come the position. It"s nearly a fluke the Gurley had a negative game against them in main 1, but that is likely more about him and also his instance than something else.

managing a bad offensive line and also poor quarterback play, Gurley has 241 carries because that 778 yards (3.2 yards per carry) and five touchdowns and also 36 records for 270 yards in 14 games. By comparison, last year he had actually 229 carries for 1,106 yards (4.8 yards every carry) and also 10 touchdowns and also 21 captures for 188 yards in just 13 games.

but we can"t worry around what taken place this year, and also we"ll address his status for 2017 in the coming weeks as soon as this season ends and the Rams obtain a new coach v Jeff Fisher gone. For this week, Gurley have the right to be trusted.

The 49ers are that bad. And also Gurley will provide in a big way.

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I"m starting Gurley over: Spencer Ware (vs. DEN), note Ingram (vs. TB), Doug martin (at NO), Jay Ajayi (at BUF) and also Thomas Rawls (vs. ARI)


We had actually Roethlisberger as a sit critical week due to the fact that of his track document on the road, and he scored 17 Fantasy points in ~ Cincinnati, which was actually far better than his median away from Pittsburgh over the previous three years (15.1 points). At home, however, Roethlisberger has actually averaged 29.8 Fantasy point out over the span, and also he should be excellent this week, especially if Ravens cornerback Jimmy smith (ankle) is out. In his last 5 games at home, Roethlisberger is averaging 327 pass yards a video game with 17 touchdowns and three interceptions, and also he has at least 21 Fantasy clues in each outing, v three games of at the very least 34 points. He scored 20 Fantasy points in ~ Baltimore in week 9, which was among six quarterbacks v at least 20 points versus the Ravens, and also Roethlisberger will lead many of Fantasy owner to a location in this matchup.