therefore by accident for XCOM: opponent Unknown, i cancelled the VC-Redist setup prior to it went every the way through, and I think that"s the an outcome for me getting green bars when I begin the game, and also later, a Blue display of death (BSoD). Is over there any way to resolve this?

The intro screen looks favor this:


System Specs:Lenovo Y5801080p display screen (plugged right into monitor)Intel i7-3610QMGTX 660m8 GigaBytes of RAM


A fail or skipped vcsetup cannot cause this. If you would certainly miss any kind of of the .dlls your video game would simply crash or no start. This looks an ext of a graphic driver issue. Especially because you got a BSOD.
Most heavy steam games have actually a subdirectory favor VCredist, redist or install in PATHtoSTEAM\steamapps\common\gamename\. Friend can additionally use the home windows search and also have that look because that vcredist*.exe.

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Based top top your above comment you are mindful of the dGPU/iGPU issue (automatic picking doesn"t work perfectly or not at all).

But you"ll have to collection it come the correct GPU because that the XCOM exe too, and also not just for the steam one.

Edit: many thanks too


The just pre-requisite because that XCom adversary Unknown, is the following:\SteamApps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\VCRedist\vcredist_x86.exe

If installing the one does not work, try repairing the papers through Steam:Library --> right click "XCom opponent Unknown" --> nature --> Local records --> Verify integrity of video game cacheThis will cause steam to examine ALL files against the virtual storage. If any kind of files differ, they will be re-downloaded.

If the does not work-related either, that is most most likely your GPU driver. Deserve to you tell us the GPU that you use, and also what version of the driver (version number) is installed?

Lastly: The BSOD is most most likely not brought about by the video game itself. It would certainly be really usefull to know the error code and message that the BSOD is giving. If the BSOD disappears too fast, try this:Control dashboard --> device --> advanced system settings --> advanced tab --> Startup and Recovery settings --> Uncheck "automatically restart"

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Here"s a general, somewhat robust solution to this (copied from my very own comment on steam forums):

Works just on windows (or Wine/Proton for Linux users).

Go come the game"s surroundings folder,Look for a paper named installscript.vdf, open it utilizing a message editor (like Notepad)Look for a line that says "HasRunKey". Come the ideal of that, there should be a path string i beg your pardon looks something prefer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\Software\\Valve\\Steam\\Apps\\1174180.Open RegEdit.Go to that course (if you can"t discover it, you could want come look in ~ Wow6432Node instead)Once you find the registry an essential that you need, delete it.Start the game through heavy steam again, the install script have to run.

Note that this only works for part game-specific scripts, yet not every one of them. I supplied this technique to re-install Rockstar gamings Launcher because that GTA IV, but it doesn"t work-related for things choose C++ Redistributables. I guess those space handled separately.

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Alternatively, you might just look at the actual manuscript to check out what it does, and just execute it manually. Using GTA IV as an instance again, girlfriend may find this heat in its install script:

"Process 1" "%INSTALLDIR%\\GTAIV\\Redistributables\\Social-Club-Setup.exe"Just means that you require to find the install folder, then go to GTAIV\Redistributables\ and also run Social-Club-Setup.exe.