Hey guys!I love an American sitcom Mr. Belvedere, but I"ve never before construed the lyrics of the theme song. What is it about?"According to Our New Arrivals" by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart-Angelo; sung by Leon RedboneStreaks on the china,never before mattered before,that cares.When you dropped kicked your jacketAs you came via the door,No one glared.But occasionally points get turned aroundAnd no one’s spared.All hands look out belowThere’s a readjust in the standing quo.Gonna require all the aid that we deserve to acquire.According to our new arrivalLife is even more than mere survivalWe just could live the great life yet.

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I am not exactly sure what they are expected to be talking around. I have actually not watched that before. Maybe your wife has actually some concepts (although you may have actually currently asked her and also she might not assist either).
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The little I can gain from this, it that the song is about change; as if someone decided to change his life. That"s the ideal I deserve to do, sorry.Many lyrics don"t make feeling. I guess that"s bereason, even though the writer can have something meaningful in mind, he had to readjust as well a lot words in order to make them fit the melody, rythm, rhyme, and so on.
new arrival most likely equates to a baby and also the lyrics are around alters that occur because of the responsibility and joy of raising a son.
From what I check out about the display on wikipedia, this is my guess:Streaks on the china, never before mattered before, that cares.Apparantly they didn"t care around correctly washed dishes!When you dropped kicked your jacket As you came via the door, No one glared.They didn"t hang their jackets effectively. With no remorse!But sometimes things acquire turned about And no one’s spared.Then something happened!All hands look out below There’s a change in the status quo. Gonna require all the aid that we can gain.

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Things changed!According to our new arrival Life is even more than mere survival We just might live the good life yet.Mr Belvedere butlered their asses and also classed them up proper!
Thanks guys!Yeah, g, your evaluation seems to be ideal on! I currently understand also the lines of the last paragraph - I suppose, the arrival might mean simply a general arrival of readjust in the song, in context of the series it is an arrival of Mr. Belvedere =)