The Broncos’ top-ranked defense brought Denver to a hard dealt with 24-10 Super key victory.’s Coy cable reports.

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The “Saturday Night Live” cast takes ~ above the Super bowl in their cold open.

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*’s Chloe Melas interviews Mindy Kaling about her Doritos Super bowl ad.

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Tom Brady showed up on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” for a reading of violation Twitter comments about himself front of Super key LV.

" data-duration="01:17" data-source="" class="video-playlist__item" >’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta speak to Dr. Allen Sills, chief clinical officer for the NFL, about how the league was able to start and also finish its season mainly without igniting significant Covid-19 outbreaks.

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LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 13: A thorough view that the NFL logo on the field during the NFL game in between Carolina Panthers and also Tampa bay Buccaneers in ~ Tottenham Hotspur stadium on October 13, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images)’s Erica Hill reports the health professionals are strongly encouraging human being to take it precaution while watching the super Bowl and avoid large gatherings.

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“Wayne’s World” stars Mike Myers and also Dana Carvey room reuniting your characters, Wayne Campbell and also Garth Algar, for an Uber Eats Super key commercial.

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Budweiser isn’t airing a super Bowl ad this year. But the Anheuser-Busch brand has aired ads during football’s biggest night for 37 year straight. Here are few of the best.

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NFL Commissioner roger Goodell joined a web call with hospital employees to surprise them with tickets to Super bowl LV.

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The Denver Broncos victory Super bowl 50, defeating the Carolina Panthers in a video game close until nearly the end

Peyton Manning, in ~ 39, is the oldest beginning quarterback in Super key history

Lady Gaga sings the nationwide anthem; Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars absent the halftime show

If this was the final game the Peyton Manning’s 18-year career, he couldn’t have actually scripted the ending much better.

A 2-yard rushing touchdown native running earlier C.J. Anderson – in enhancement to a protective score and also three ar goals from kicker Brandon McManus – gave the Denver Broncos a 24-10 success over the Carolina Panthers in Super key 50 in front of 71,088 in ~ Levi’s stadion in Santa Clara, California. Broncos exterior linebacker Von Miller, who had two strip-sack fumbles of Panthers quarterback camer Newton, was called Super key Most beneficial Player.

Manning, in ~ 39, is the oldest starting quarterback in Super bowl history. Going right into Sunday, he hadn’t evidenced if Super bowl 50 would be his critical game. However it certain felt the way. And also like his boss, Broncos general manager and executive vice president of soccer operations man Elway, Manning have the right to ride off right into the sunset after securing his second championship in his career.

after ~ the win, Manning to be noncommittal on his future.

“You know, ok take some time to reflect,” Manning said. “I have actually a pair of priorities first. I want to go kiss mine wife and my kids, I desire to walk hug my family. Ns going to drink a lot of Budweiser tonight. I promise girlfriend that. Ns going to take treatment of those points first, and also say a small prayer to say thanks to the guy upstairs because that this great opportunity. I’m just really grateful.”

Manning is additionally the first quarterback to win a at sight Bowl with two different teams. He additionally won Super key XLI as soon as he was through the Indianapolis Colts.

v the win, Manning became the an initial NFL quarterback with 200 job wins (186 consistent season and also 14 postseason). He had actually been tied through Brett Favre, a member of the agree Football hall of Fame course of 2016, v 199.

“Being on two different teams, win a supervisor Bowl v each team, i’m proud of that,” Manning said.

Manning – an excellent enough because that the win

Manning no play flawlessly, yet he did enough, i beg your pardon is all a suffocating Broncos-led defense has actually needed this season. Manning’s line: 13 the 23 passing for 141 yards with one interception and a shed fumble.

Manning’s 18th – and perhaps final – season has been his most challenging.

He to be benched for the very first time in his career, which to be a loss come the Kansas City Chiefs in November. While back-up Brock Osweiler fill in, Manning missed six games because of a partially torn plantar fascia in his left foot.

but in mainly 17, Manning returned, coming off the bench to lead Denver to a victory over the mountain Diego Chargers to clinch a first-round farewell in the playoffs.

Manning dubbed it “a distinct season.”

“I absolutely knew through this defense the this team would have actually a chance,” Manning said. “Our defense has just been from the get-go, they’ve to be nothing yet awesome. Being hurt, the struggle early in the season wasn’t a most fun, so i was grateful to get ago healthy and also to shot to pat my part these last pair of weeks.”

It started well for the Broncos (15-4) ~ above their opening drive, capped through a 34-yard McManus field goal come take very early 3-0.

It to be a various story because that Carolina (17-2).

The Panthers, having actually lost just once coming into this game, to be accustomed to having actually their means offensively.

Carolina had the league’s optimal offense this year – averaging 31.3 point out per game in the constant season and also a lining 40 points per game in the postseason. Newton to be responsible because that 79.3% the the Panthers’ attack scores this season heading into Sunday.

however Carolina didn’t face a defense favor Denver’s all season. The Broncos lead the NFL in total defense, happen defense and also sacks. Newton acquired to check out – and feel – that up close. He was sacked seven times, tie a Super key record.

The one the was the most costly come in the an initial quarter, Carolina’s second turn ~ above offense. On Carolina’s 15-yard line, Miller required a Newton fumble on the piece sack because that an 11-yard loss while protective end Malik Jackson scooped up the ball for the score to give Denver a 10-0 lead. It to be the very first fumble recovery because that a touchdown in a Super bowl in 22 years.

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later in the second quarter, Carolina coughed increase the football again. This time, Broncos safety and security Darian Stewart compelled a fumble native Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert; within linebacker Danny Trevathan recovered.

Courtesy of a large mistake by Broncos’ cornerback Aqib Talib, the Panthers were able come capitalize and get top top the scoreboard v a 1-yard operation by running earlier Jonathan Stewart. What transpired the play before was a challenge mask personal foul punish by Talib.

Talib had a terrible very first half with 3 penalties, 2 of i beg your pardon were an individual fouls.

yet Carolina squandered one opportunity early on in the 3rd quarter when a 44-yard ar goal attempt by Graham Gano hit the ideal upright. Later on in the quarter, Newton threw one interception into the hands of safety and security T.J. Ward, curly a promising drive that had actually Carolina in Denver territory.

Gano struggle a 39-yarder through 10:26 continuing to be to cut the deficit come 16-10, yet late in the period, Miller compelled his 2nd fumble from Newton. Ward recovered and also returned it come the Carolina 4-yard line. Anderson iced the video game with Denver’s first offensive touchdown the the day v 3:08 left.

on the day, Miller had actually 2.5 sacks, six full tackles, two compelled fumbles, 2 hurries and a happen defensed.

“I simply wanted to key into my guy, crucial into mine tackle, the center, crucial into Cam,” Miller said on his strip sacks. “His cadence is definitely one the the hardest to gain down in the national Football League. We simply keyed in. That’s the type of defense the we’ve been play all year long.”

Newton, named the 2015 NFL MVP ~ above Saturday, finished the day 18 because that 41 for 265 yards and those 3 turnovers (two fumbles, one interception).

adhering to the game, Newton because that the most part kept his answers terse.

“We had our opportunities,” Newton said. “There wasn’t nothing unique that they did. We dropped balls. We turned the sphere over, offered up sacks, threw errant passes. That’s it. Castle scored much more points than we did.”

when asked to put his disappointment into words, every Newton would say was, “We lost.”

the not often a defensive player wins Super bowl MVP. This marks the 10th time in at sight Bowl background that a protective player has received the honor. Linebacker Malcolm blacksmith of the Seattle Seahawks in Super bowl XLVIII to be the last defensive player to obtain the honor.

“Played a hell of a soccer game,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera stated of Miller. “He deserves to it is in the Super bowl MVP.”

McManus, meanwhile, remained perfect in the postseason, walking 10 for 10 overall. He perfect the day through three ar goals for 34, 33 and 30 yards.

great football weather in California

Game-time temps hovered about 70 degrees at kickoff in a beautiful day in Santa Clara. The game additionally had a throwback feel.

v kickoff in ~ 3:30 p.m. Local time (6:30 p.m. ET), the game basked in daylight for the first half, make it feel reminiscent all the method back come Super Bowl i – then called the “First AFL-NFL human being Championship Game” – i m sorry was hosted in Los Angeles ~ above January 15, 1967.

The crowd – largely pro-Broncos pan judging through the lot of orange in the stands, despite both fan bases still were well-represented – filled up Levi’s stadion quickly.

Both sides obtained their vocal chords warmed up once the NFL honored all of the previous Super bowl MVPs. Manning remained in the locker room once his name was called, yet that didn’t avoid a substantial roar from the crowd.

Meanwhile, when brand-new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady appeared when his name was announced (he has three Super bowl MVP awards), the crowd booed lustily.

It climate turned right into adoration because that Lady Gaga, that belted out a stirring rendition the the national anthem. The energy level also remained at a heat pitch because that the halftime display featuring Coldplay, Beyonce and also Bruno Mars.’s Jill martin reported and also wrote this story native Santa Clara, California.’s Forrest Brown contributed from Atlanta.