This page contains cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. We will continually update this page as soon as we come across much more useful cheats and also tips.

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Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts Cheats for SNES

Extra Lives

Most human being don't know, but you deserve to start the game with as much as 9 resides per continue. Head end to the "Option Mode" on the location Screen and go under to whereby it says "PLAYER". Change the amount to 9 or any type of amount of lives you desire to play the game with. For the veteran players the end there, you deserve to decrease this to give yourself an ext of a challenge.

Change game Difficulty

There is no dispute that at sight Ghouls 'n Ghosts is a challenging game, yet if you room struggling to do it by every level, girlfriend could always lower the game's an obstacle settings. Head end to the "Option Mode" top top the title Screen and also go down to wherein it states "GAME LEVEL". Indigenous here, adjust the challenge to anywhere ranging from Beginner to Professional.

Level Select

To activate level select, head over to the "Option Mode" on the location Screen and also highlight "Exit". Next, hold L and Start top top controller 2 and also press begin on controller 1. This will certainly let you choose the starting level a section of the level, plus that will provide you accessibility to the game's sound test.

Bracelet the Power

In order to beat the video game completely, friend will require to attain the Bracelet of Power. This bracelet is only obtainable on your second play-through of the game and can be acquired from a jar or trunk. It deserve to drop in any kind of level top top the second play-through. The bracelet is tough to miss due to the fact that you will see a fairy come the end of a trunk or jar and then the fairy turns into the bracelet, so be on the lookout for the fairy.

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts game Genie Cheat Codes

The adhering to cheat password will job-related for super Ghouls 'n Ghosts utilizing a video game Genie on the initial console or you can also use this on any type of emulator that supports video game Genie codes.

General Cheats

These are general cheats that will make play Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts less difficult.

Cheat EffectCheat Code
Infinite ContinuesDDB6-67FF
Infinite LivesA2C1-AD01
Infinite dual JumpsC2A5-A4A5
Start through 1 ContinueDFC0-A401
Start with 9 ContinuesDBC0-A401
Stop TimerA286-0F01
Slow Timer9386-0D01
Fast TimerFE86-0D01
Start v 9 minutes On TimerDBC3-0465
Get Lives rather of 200 suggest ItemsDD68-D768
Very couple of Zombies AppearC9BB-A460
Most Zombies carry a BasketDF65-DFA8

Note: You must disable Invincibility at the finish of the very first two step of level 3 or friend won't be able to proceed come the following area.

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Non-Upgraded Weapons

These password will permit you to generate with any kind of non-upgraded weapon of your chosen. Even after a death, you will certainly spawn back with this weapon. 

Cheat EffectCheat Code
Start v AxeCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + DBC3-D405
Start v CrossbowCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D7C3-D405
Start v DaggerCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + DFC3-D405
Start v ScytheCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D9C3-D405
Start through TorchCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D5C3-D405
Start v Tri-BladeCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D8C3-D405

Upgraded Weapons

These password will permit you to generate with any upgraded weapon of your chosen. Even after a death, you will spawn earlier with this weapon. Girlfriend don't need eco-friendly or golden armor to use these.

Cheat EffectCheat Code
Start through Flaming LanceCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + DDC3-D405
Start v Hefty AxeCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + DCC3-D405
Start v Magic CrossbowCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D0C3-D405
Start v Magic DaggerCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D4C3-D405
Start v Magic ScytheCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D1C3-D405
Start through Magic TorchCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + D6C3-D405
Start with ShurikenCBC3-D4D5 + FCC3-D465 + DAC3-D405