These Swiss military Knife apps cram lots of attributes you would certainly otherwise must install several various other Android apps come have. In one app you deserve to have a compass, clever ruler, magnifying glass, bubble level, calculator and also stop watch.

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Amazingly several of these Android tools also use less storage than some apps the perform just one the their plenty of functions. Right here are two of the most highly rated Android Swiss military Knife apps.

Super Swiss army Knife

This digital Swiss military Knife, has actually eight functions that include: an easy measure, distance measure, cross vertical measure, flashlight, compass, bubble level, plumb and magnifier. Besides, this cool attributes a home screen widget is also included.

Detailed features:


Simple Measure: A mix of ruler and also protractor. The Ruler offers accurate scale in centimeters and inches ~ above the phone display screen (ensure the you go into the correct size of the device’s screen). Diagonal ruler supports dynamic measurements. The protractor ~ above the other hand deserve to be used to measure angle from 0 come 180 degrees.Distance Measure: Simple 3 steps, utilizing your call to measure up the distance and height of any kind of object. Cross vertical Measure: Visually tells you even if it is items, such together pictures, space hung crooked – it likewise reveals the edge of deviation.Flashlight: If her Android has actually a LED you deserve to use this role to do a flashlight the end of it.Compass: Simulating a actual compass with handy and precise orientation accuse – likewise dynamically shows the existing direction the the phone.Bubble Level: correctly simulates a genuine bubble level.Plumb: Simulating the plumb to determine whether items are vertical and also shows the angle of deviation as long as the camera is on.Magnifier: If her phone has a built-in camera supervisor Swiss military Knife have the right to turn her phone right into a digital magnifying glass.


Swiss military Knife

This Android Swiss army knife app doesn’t have actually all the attributes of ” super Swiss army Knife”, yet then again the does have some functions that the other application doesn’t have.



You will require Android 2.2+ to use the app, in any case this app’s toolbox has a:

RulerTimerStopwatchCompassBubble levelCalculator and also aMagnifying glass

You wont find any special attributes such together 3d compass, talk level, psychedelic flashlight or the like. What the developer do the efforts to do was create a lightweight, fast and also easy come use set of devices that have the right to be quickly accessed indigenous the residence screen.

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Of such, the app is half the size of standalone devices you will find in other flashlight, magnifying glass and also compass apps. This method you’ll save a many disk space.