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 · Tyrese"s official music video clip for "How girlfriend Gonna Act favor That". Click to listen to Tyrese ~ above Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TyreseSpotify?IQid...As featured on...

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How girlfriend Gonna Act favor That Lyrics: It appears like just the other day that we hooked up / (I to be drivin", you was walkin" and I swooped you up) / from that moment on i knew you to be the one, yes ...

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 · listed to YouTube by entertainment One distribution USHow you Gonna Act favor That · Smooth Jazz every StarsSmooth Jazz Tribute to Tyrese℗ Cc EntertainmentRel...


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Lyrics come "How friend Gonna Act prefer That" by Tyrese. It seems like simply the various other day that we hooked up (I to be drivin", you to be walkin" and also I swooped friend up) native that moment on i knew you to be the one, yes (I to be single, you was lonely and we dropped in love)


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How you gonna act like that? send Corrections. Many thanks to nicole, Lillie Washington, nelly, Vicki Rodriguez because that correcting this lyrics. Writer(s): Tyrese Darnell Gibson, Damon E Thomas, Eric Dion Dawkins, Harvey Jr Mason. AZLyrics. T. Tyrese Lyrics. Album: "I Wanna walk There" (2002)


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 · just how you gonna act choose that (Can me somebody tell me why) just how you gonna act (Why, why) favor we don"t it is in makin" love (Hey) You understand we be tearin" it up, breakin" ingredient (Oh, oh, baby), the ghetto love exactly how you gonna expedition (All my friends came to be your friends), How deserve to you forget


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New York-based singer/songwriter Sydney Renae flips Tyrese’s 2002 fight single, “How friend Gonna Act favor That” top top her brand-new track “How girlfriend Gonna.” Renae put her own spin ~ above the classic track about...

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And girlfriend gonna revolve around and also front favor you don"t feeling me I put that on mine life that i ain"t check out this coming opened up up my heart i should have actually never let girlfriend come in but I wish you well though That"s every I can tell you probably in your following life you"ll find everything you want Submit Corrections. AZLyrics. S.