in ~ the beginning of the beach component of Rogue One, two stormtroopers are mentioning something the they to speak is gift rendered obsolete, followed by "It was around time".

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It sounded like AT18, i m sorry is not a thing. It cannot be one AT-TE, as in Star Wars: Rebels that is useless already. What was it?



It"s referring to the T-16 skyhopper. It"s the airship Luke owns in illustration four. When they say that there is a replacement they especially say the T-15. In A brand-new Hope you likewise see Luke playing with a model of it.


Is it? i mean, Luke "used to bullseye womp rats in T-16 earlier home, they're not lot bigger than two meters. "
I think they"re mentioning the VT-16. This is the same topic the Stormtroopers in A brand-new Hope comment on while Obi-Wan Kenobi is disabling the tractor beam.

Curiously the Wookieepedia article suggests this is a droid seen in Return the the Jedi. Personally I"d dispute that as it appears an odd thing for Stormtroopers come discuss, and I"d assume the VT-16 and also BT-16 are different things. However the link above does quote the conversation from A brand-new Hope.

EDIT: after ~ a second viewing they absolutely say T-15. I now believe the quote ~ above Wookieepedia is misplaced, and that those Stormtroopers space actually stating the T-16, not VT-16.

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This line in Rogue One was reportedly a mis-quote by the voice actors the somehow made it into the perfect film. They were trying come back-reference the heat from A new Hope complaining around the famously useless VT-16 (an item that has actually no canon existence various other than to be complained about).

“Without saying a word, there is no being dubbed upon, and also without evenlooking at each other, Sam and I stood up from ours chairs and also walkedup to the array of microphones in prior of the movie screen. Matthewsaid, ‘Okay, we need some sort of stormtrooper dialogue here,guys . . . Oh, looks prefer you’re ready, let’s go for it.’

“Sam spoke first, and also I speak second, moving the line around T-15sbeing do obsolete. He reacted in that an excellent trooper monotone, andthen we both performed a vocal for being taken down by rebels. Theroom laughed. We did a second take, and that was it. The whole thingwent down in much less than two minutes.

Stormtroopers: past the Armor


structure of two stormtroopers having a conversation about the useless T-15. The exchange was intended to set up the conversation overheard throughout A brand-new Hope regarding the brand-new VT-16. However, the Rogue One conversation identifies the previous model as a T-15, incorrectly calling out the letters as the would link the two references.

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Stormtroopers: past the Armor

We deserve to assume that the VT-15 is additionally a non-object that troopers complain around periodically (although I"ve heard that the T-17 is walking to be a vast improvement).