This accomplishment is NO LONGER component of the broken Isles Pathfinder two.However, the is part of unlocking the class mount questline

You require to complete the whole Legionfall project in stimulate to knife this Achievement.



The searches for this campaign will be throughout 11 weeks before you can finish it. Every week, there will be a new quest.If you loss behind, there is just 1 day hold-up between them. You have actually to complete this on every char (it is no account bound).

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Assault on broken Shore

Complete the damaged Shore Scenario- You will certainly either acquire a quest straight when logging on as soon as 7.2 is live, called armies of Legionfall. If friend don’t acquire this quest, climate head come Khadgar in Violet Citadel in Dalaran and take the search there. - This will start the scenario questline i beg your pardon is performed solo (not in raid choose the 7.0 beginning scenario).


Armies the Legionfall

You earn this after getting to Deliverance Point, after completing the damaged Shore scenario and also talking come the NPC quest givers. 


Aalgen Point

You will get a search from Khadgar from Deliverance allude called Aalgen Point. When reaching that location and completing that quest, you have actually completed this part. 


Vengeance Point

The NPC in Aaelgen allude (flightmaster) will give you a new quest after perfect Aalgen Point. This quest takes you to Vengance allude in i beg your pardon you need to kill some bats and demons. As soon as completed, you acquire this part and a new flight place as well. 


Begin Construction

1) complete above2) complete the quest: Legion Supplies

Complete the quest: Legion supplies which you acquire after the scenario.This pursuit requires friend to attain 100 Legion battle Supplies.You achieve the offers by completing people quests in damaged Shore.Each WQ in broken Shore, rewards 25 supplies.Note: The other zones in damaged Isles do not price Legion war Supplies.You likewise obtain War supplies by killing rarely spawns, which gives approximately 25 war supplies (loot).

After donating on the War gives on the command table, you room done. 


Defending broken Isles

1) complete above.2) finish the search Cathedral the Eternal Night You can acquire this pursuit from Khadgar after perfect "Legion Supplies". Khadgar is ocated in Deliverance Point.This unlocks the new dungeon.Enter the dungeon and Defeat Mephistroth (last boss)3) complete the quest Defending Isles.This search wants you to complete a Legion invasion everywhere in broken Isles. These intrusions come frequently and lasts because that an hour. 


Champions the Legionfall

1) finish above.2) complete the Class project in order to recruit a Legionfall Champion. This will finish the search Champions that Legionfall and also the achievement part. 


Shards Times

Collect 2500 Nethershards ~ above the damaged Shore.


Mark of the Sentinax

Collect 100 mark of the Sentinax.

Location is in broken Shore.Check the map because that a room ship symbol, referred to as The Sentinax.This location is an event in i beg your pardon there room mobs under the spaceship that can drop Senitax Beacons.These Senitax Beacons are used to connect with the spaceship.Depending on what Beacon it is, the outcome will either be that more mobs will generate via a portal or the the spaceship sends down provides that are supplied for professions.Killing add to under the room ship and additionally adds the comes the end from the portals will certainly award girlfriend Sentinax Beacons. Collect 100. 


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Complete 12 world Quests on the broken Shore


Intolerable Infestation

Slay 100 demons in Faronaar or Felsoul Hold.I do a guide here on exactly how to complete this search in less than 10 minutes.


Relieved of their Valuables

Loot 5 Wyrmtounge Caches (hotfix 7 june readjusted this native 10 to 5 instead). These room treasure chests the can´t be discovered in the large world map, just the minimap.

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Take the end the Head...

Slay 3 rarely Elite leaders on the damaged Shore. These are rares that are on broken Shore. You deserve to see on you map wherein they space (when they spawn), the a skull icon. 

You can also check my rarely spawn overview here:



Championing our Cause

Hotfix adjusted from 3 come 1 mission this particular day (20170603)

Complete 1 Legionfall missions at your class Order Hall

Look in ~ the height on her missions, the it says broken Shore. Thats just how you understand its legionfall quests.