In enhancement to the Aifread prizes in tales of Xillia, there are other things the you have actually to uncover if you wish to 100% complete and also that’s the secret Jewel. Scattered transparent Rieze Maxia and also Elympios, you should collect a total of 23 secret Jewels. ~ above getting every one of them, girlfriend will be able to fight a an enig boss situated in the Xailen Woods Temple. (Check back with us quickly for the guide)

Due come the overwhelming request we received recently, here’s our secret Jewel places guide:

#1- Hamil

This is the very an initial Aifread Treasure that you will obtain automatically. A child in Hamil will present you where the sweetheart is.

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#2 – Nia Khera


Fast travel to Nia Khera by entering through the Kijara Seafalls. Head to the home (Residence 2) indigenous the entrance and also find the secret Jewel within a cupboard.

#3 – Nia Khera Spiritway

Refer to our Aifread Treasures ar Guide

#4 – Culmar Trail


Look at the map and also find a one pathway that is on the western next of the area. Approach the area but prior to you with that, girlfriend should find a hole that you have the right to crawl into. The hole need to be on her left side. Crawl v it and you will uncover a sweetheart chest. (Refer to the screenshot above)

#5 – Talys Highroad

Refer come our Aifread Treasures place Guide

#6 – Leronde

Go come Leia’s Inn and enter the room 203 upstairs. Friend will discover the mysterious jewel inside the cupboard.

#7 – Voltea Woods

Refer to our Aifread Treasures place Guide

#8 – Sapstrath Highroad

Refer come our Aifread Treasures ar Guide

#9 – Sharilton (Driselle’s Manor)


When you enter Driselle’s Manor in Sharilton, head come the life room with sofas in the first floor. Look because that the drawer to your right and check it because that the secret jewel.

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#10 – Barnauer Highroad


Go come the Southeast region of Barnaeur Highroad. Head to the western ar of the area and also drop under the cliff. Under the cliff, friend should find a hole that you deserve to crawl into. Within you should find the mysterious Jewel.