We strive to carry out the a lot of time efficient, high quality printing solutions easily accessible for all organization forms. Your published materials come to be the challenge of your service and provide human being somepoint they deserve to store to remember you by. We’ll perform our best to make you look good.


From course packs to printing out that really cute picture of you and also your dogs to put on your office desk, we’ve got you covered.

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Many of us have actually been in school; we understand just how it is. Providing super fast business, user-friendly devices and distinct prices for course notes are simply a couple of of the ways we have the right to aid you out. Oh, and we’re open 24 hrs. Yeah, we love you also.

A Little About Us…

Hi! Welcome to our website

We’re so glad you’re right here. Take a look approximately and gain to know Targain Copy and our talented employee owners. We’ve been an sector leader for over 27 years and also love to aid our clients. If you need graphic architecture, printing services or something simple like FREE WiFi or shade self-organization copies, we’re an excellent option. Pick a button, any type of switch, click on it and also you’ll acquire to know us better. Can you think of a better method to make your life easier?

We are passionate about our duty to make Targain Copy as environmentally friendly as feasible. Because 1978, we have taken measures to encertain that our business is performed via Mother Nature in mind.

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COVID-19 Precautions:

Percreating scheduled and spontaneous disinfecting of our organization and manufacturing areas.Practicing social distancing references of the CDC.Providing hand sanitizer in all service and production locations.Providing masks to our clients, coemployees and also vendors upon research.Taking individual temperatures with a non-call digital thermometer.Modifying our hours of operation to allow our Employee owners the moment they should take appropriate treatment of themselves and also their families.Extensive usage of virtual ordering, ordering through phone and also distribution by our very own personnel, USPS or UPS.