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Wendy"s (123 save locations)Ross dress for Less (268 save locations)Wells Fargo Bank (218 keep locations)Levi"s (194 store locations)Staples (103 save locations)Pizza Hut (73 store locations)Panera Bread (294 keep locations)Sally Beauty (220 keep locations)Target (323 keep locations)Kohl’s (161 store locations)Foot Locker (1025 keep locations)Burberry (61 keep locations)Adidas (172 store locations)Victoria"s Secret (1232 save locations)PUMA (97 keep locations)Van Heusen (156 store locations)Michael Kors (331 save locations)Under Armour (176 store locations)Forever 21 (453 store locations)Sears (421 keep locations)Safeway (26 save locations)Nordstrom (349 save locations)Food 4 Less (1 store locations)GNC (941 keep locations)M.A.C Cosmetics (194 save locations)Walmart (143 save locations)The house Depot (99 store locations)Dollar General (30 save locations)Verizon (556 save locations)Domino"s Pizza (37 keep locations)KFC (69 save locations)Macy"s (727 store locations)Dick"s Sporting Goods (307 save locations)Disney (172 save locations)Gap (743 store locations)
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