While experimenting Voeld you’ll come throughout unmarked Kett bases, which might randomly have bugged Kett consoles in them. Yep, this search is basically the Voeld version of pursuits prefer “Task - Documents Trail”. You know the drill, to advancement this search you’ll have to sdeserve to 3 such “Angaran Bugs”, so be sure to examine out Kett camps as you perform various other tasks. SAM will certainly sometimes warn you about such gadgets, however don’t count on your AI and also check. As usual, a camp that as soon as had such a device might later on (given sufficient time and also distance) regenerate through an additional.

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Previously-scanned Angaran Bugs do not seem to be correctly removed from the generate rotor in this quest, so you may continuously uncover duplicates of Angaran Bugs that can’t be scanned. You’ll just need to save browsing till you discover 3 distinct bugs, which might take a while.

After you shave the right to all the Angaran bugs and gain the updated navsuggest, you’ll must finish the quest “Rerelocate the Heart” to proceed via this search.


Sdeserve to devices of Kett tech for Angaran bugs (left) then investigate the caves leading to Ja Niihk to find a datapad containing helpful intel (right).

Complete the pursuit “Rerelocate the Heart” and clear the Kett base on Voeld to rerelocate the barrier around Ja Niihk, after which you’ll be free to finish up this search. Alengthy the eastern edge of the map you’ll discover a line of three Forward Stations. Rapid travel to the northern-the majority of one and also from there drive southwest to reach Ja Niihk. There are most likely Kett on the outskirts of this dig website, who will be clustered approximately towers with a Turret on them. Tright here are likewise land mines embedded into the ice, yet they tfinish to explode before the Nomad hits them, and they don’t execute much damage in any occasion.

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Fight your way with the previously mentioned defenses to the northwestern edge of the damages to find a trench descending right into the ice of Voeld. Make your method downhill to the eastern, southeastern, using Kett heating devices as guides, avoiding only to nab the various nodes of Iridium that lie about. Eventually you’ll discover a search location, simply descend till you fill all the search area bars close to a gap to the east. At this gap revolve southwest and enter a small, dead-finish cave, inside which you’ll discover a dead Angaran. Read his Datapad, then return to Intelligence Officer Kaas at the Resistance Base to earn 100 Heleus Research Documents points, 270 XP and also finally complete this pursuit.