SPECIFICATIONS version Number: LM300 intake Impedance: 1MOhm Nominal intake Level: -20dBu Optimal output Load: 4 Ohms strength Output: 300W result Loop intake Impedance 1MOhm Maximum impact Loop Input* approx. -6dBu Nominal impact Loop output Impedance 1KOhm Nominal impact Loop Output* approx. -10dBu in the name of XLR Output* 0 to -10dBu Maximum strength Consumption: 600W AC input Power: 100V, 117V, 230V, 240V NOTE: AC power cannot be switched. Check out authorized dealer/distributor for voltage modification information. Cycles: 50/60 Hz speak NA. Dimensions: 17”w x 3.5”h x 10”d Weight: 23 lbs
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tech 21 is ideal known for the creation of the SansAmp that was officially introduced in the late 80’s. A ide of one amp-modeling pedal “altering guitar sound come emulate different amplifiers, and allowed recording straight to a mixing console”.

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Tech 21 is a new York based manufacturer that guitar and also bass effects Pedals, DI Boxes, and also Amps that has ongoing to use just analog an innovation rather 보다 digital signal processing, together the driving force behind the tone.



Landmark 300 Two differently formatted channels deliver everything from warm standard tube tones to Sumo-sized distortion. This 2U, 300-watt rackmountable head functions a fan-cooled chassis and also is same at house in a rack mechanism or together a compact stand-alone head. Its heavy gauge steel case is touring tough. Through pro features like a +10dB gain switch to improve low calculation pickups and also drive energetic pickups harder, and also aSansAmp XLR direct Output, this amp will quake the radical live and also in the studio.

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