Whether it’s her mother, your brother, her bestie, or your coworker,when it pertains to gifting, you can never go wrong with a small tech gizmo. From tools that’ll sit on your wrist in everyday use, to luxe touchscreen-friendly gloves, come audio accessories that they’ll never ever want protect against wearing, us tracked down every little thing thatshould it is in on her gift-giving (and also receiving) perform this year. We’re talking the extravagant (a gold-hued computer) to the practical (too-cute phone call chargers) to the just-for-fun (hello, karaoke 24/7!), read on because that our 25 picks of gadgets and also tech accessoriesthey’ll it is in thanking you because that well into the new year.

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Equipped v a hanging strap and adjustable mount, this stylish water-resistant speaker have the right to go anywhere you go.

(http://www.stelleaudio.com/index.php/go-go-speakertm-navy-blue.html), $129.


The power, hi-res display, and also out-of-the-box ease-of-use you mean from a MacBook, currently in a dazzling gold to complement your iPhone.

Gold MacBookfrom $1,299


Your cell phone, on your wrist! check texts, scan her Instagram feed, and also even salary for your morning coffee v a flick of the wrist.

Apple Watch, indigenous $349


The lucky recipient that these gold kitty ear headphones will certainly be attract ‘em long after the music stops. Trust.

PBTeen Emily + Meritt animal Headphones, $59


Unlike many iPhone lens attachments, the fisheye, large angle, and macro Iris lenses through Photojojo strap over most cases, so girlfriend never need to upset your gadget game through a situation you simply don’t like.

Photojojo Iris 3 Lens Set, $109

This fresh take on the classic video game allows players strum follow me to live concert footage so you deserve to channel Ed Sheeran all day, every day.

Guitar Hero Live, $99.99

For her sibling that constantly has the latest tech gizmo, a hoverboard is exactly what they need next.

HoverBoard 2015, $349.99.

Ringly is all about subtlety once it comes to making clever jewelry. The gemstone lights up to educate the wearer just of the advises that average the many to them based on input preferences. Only care about Instagram alerts? The ring will certainly vibrate and illuminate exclusively when there’s Insta news come share.

Ringly, from $195

LED lighting on both political parties of the case make for a picture-perfect take self every time.

LuMee iphone phone Case, $54.95

Share the latest Selena Gomez track with two other friends through plugging this little branch into your phone.

Headphone Splitter, $10

Because no one has time to copy and also paste emoji, this wireless key-board puts end 120 emoji at their fingertips — including the unicorn!

Emoji Keyboard, $99.95

Because an Apple watch is usually a work of art, dress it in marble.

Casetify Marble Apple clock Strap, $70

If they’re forever forgetting your charger, gift this animal leather bracelet the — surprise! — is actually a Lightning cable USB charger.

Rebecca Minkoff iphone Lightning USB Bracelet, $58

Rose gold Apple Watch, satisfy your brand-new best friend, the climbed gold clock band.

XISTWEAR rose Gold Apple watch Band, $125

The all new Apple TV offers Siri’s genius come make searching for something to clock or listen to a breeze.

Apple TV 32GB, $149

Give their Apple watch a home of its very own with Apple’s official charging dock, which also turns the watch right into an alarm clock when it’s docked ~ above its side.

Apple watch Magnetic Charging Dock, $79

For the girlfriend who’s make it their mission to capture every party on genuine film, help them outfit your Fujifilm Instax v this retro-inspired.

Fujifilm Instax Camera Case, $24

A karaoke party with simply a microphone and also smartphone required? You recognize this will be the struggle of your gift exchange.

Karaoke Microphone for iPhone, $40

The animal leather exterior and cashmere lining will get them through winter if the touchscreen-friendly fingers will gain them through life.

Diane Von Furstenberg Quilted leather Touchscreen Gloves, $228

Pair it with an iphone or Android and watch the room irradiate up through a phone contact or also in rhythm come a existing playlist.

Notti Smartphone notification Light, $60

For a small backup top top the singing-in-the-shower routine, this waterproof speaker bag with almost any device (but keep those the end of the shower).

Ion Sound Splash Waterproof shower head Speaker, $60

Use typical Instax film to do memories permanent by printing pics from any phone or tablet.

FujiFIlm Instax Printer, $179.99

Plug the HISY remote right into your phone and never leaving anyone the end of a group pic again.

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HISY phone call Camera Remote, $24.95

A small glamorous, a tiny rock and roll, tuck these earbuds in any pocket and never be without tunes.