“Television / So much So Good” is the 2nd track off Rex Orange County’s sophomore album “Apricot Princess". It features a fluctuating beat and also raw vocals to permit the… review More 

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Hey, I'm no afraid, I deserve to be myself and also IHope you can be yourself as well, 'cause I have the right to make you feel alrightAnd there to be so much happiness that us were still yet to findI stated that girlfriend can speak to me Alex, baby, welcome to my lifeBut don't girlfriend worry, don't you, don't issue girlNo, I'm not sure if I'm into youThe critical time that you checked, i was most likely so sad and confusedI don't know, no, ns don't recognize what friend likeBut if you're looking for something newI know somebody the you can chooseWhat about me?What around me?What about me and you together?Something that could really last foreverWhat about me?What around me?What about me and you together?Something that might really last forever
If all my friend wanna it is in in her bedAnd I start to wonder whyI guess that I'd be lying come myself'Cause that the fuck would certainly be dumb enoughTo reject an offer? Oh, what an offerNow two-two-ten-one-fiveCouple hrs can change your lifeFrankie speak "Oh, what a night!"What a night?What the posesthe is a girlfriend? I'ma need adviceMaybe I have to go exterior so I could get a fucking lifeI do a friend and also she spent the night, and also nowI'm in love and she stays in mine lifeBack as soon as we spoke in EuropeI need insurance on mine emotionsI can't gain hurt againFuck the past, crap them, they every made me sadAnd I had actually no time come prepare to challenge my fearsI guess that it's time that i dried these tearsBut if I could just be happy through the end of this songBut if by the moment you listen it, girlfriend are already goneAnd it didn't walk to planThen why should I continue in this lifeWhen there's no one around to be the one who renders me smile?

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But so far, everything's great (Ooh)Oh, oh, ohSo far, everything's good (Ooh)Oh, oh, oh(Ooh)No, no, noNo, no, no, no, no-oh, ohI want the group in tears when they hear thisIs the so wrong?