Inhaltsverzeichnis.Overview damages in Star Trek virtual exists in multiple, overlapping categories.The first difference is the source of the damage:. Weapon damage is caused. All weapon damages is enhanced by, which you gain automatically as you level up. Is a subset that weapon damage, caused by directed power weapons including all Beams and also Cannons. Every energy damage is boosted by. Beam damages is a subset of energy damage, led to by Beam Arrays, twin Beam Banks, and also Omni-Directional Beam Arrays. All beam damages is enhanced by and the trait.

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Set,Sol Defense(Desperate defenses room Set),Solanae Hybrid Technologies room Set,Terran task Force. Terran Task pressure Photon Torpedo Launcher; space (Ship Set): an are (Weapons/Console Set): Terran Task pressure Deflector Array; Terran Task force Impulse Engines; Terran task Force selfhood Core; Terran Task force Warp Core; Terran Task pressure Covariant Shield Array; personal Traits missing. Self-Modulating Fire (Space) Errors in Kit Modules.

Cannon damages is a subset of power damage, led to by single Cannons, twin Cannons, Quad Cannons, dual Heavy Cannons, and Turrets. All cannon damage is enhanced by and also the trait.

Several abilities and also consoles reason non-beam, non-cannon power damage, together as. Is a subset that weapon damage, led to by Torpedo and Mine weapons. All projectile damages is increased by and also the trait.

Torpedo damage is a subset of projectile damage, led to by Torpedo Launchers. All torpedo damage is enhanced by. Mine damages is a subset of projectile damage, led to by Mine Launchers. Every mine damages is boosted by.

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Several abilities and also consoles cause non-torpedo, non-mine projectile damage, such as. Is that brought about by most non-weapon sources, consisting of Bridge Officer abilities, and abilities from collection bonuses. Every exotic damages is booted by.Second, damages can be divided into multiple different attribute modifiers, or varieties or "elements":,. Cold, Fire, Toxic, and also Psionic damage can only be handle in soil combat at this time.Damage resistance ratings against a specific kind will constantly reduce damages from the type, regardless of even if it is the resource of that damages is a directed power weapon, one ability, or even an exotic damages ability.Third, damages can be divided into activated and also attached. And fourthly, damages can be divided into direct damage, DoTs, and hazards. Phaser power DamagePhaser damage is displayed as orange in color, or sometimes pale yellow.

The Andorian and also TOS retro versions room a blue color. The hatchet "phaser" is one acronym because that Phased power Rectification. A form of fragment weapon, phasers damages targets with streams that nadions. Against living targets, this can be to one of two people lethal or non-lethal effect, depending upon the power of the stream. Player-acquired because that the Federation through default come with Phaser energy weapons.Proc: 2.5% chance: Disable 1 Subsystem for 5 secondsAbilities that deal Phaser power weapon damage:.

( indigenous the ). ( - Federation Command Battlecruiser).

( from the, exclusive to Temporal Battlecruisers). ( from the, exclusive come Intel Escorts). (bomb strikes are power damage, peril is exotic damage; native the, exclusive come Patrol Escorts). ( exclusive come the Veteran destroyers in ). ( variants).


( - Federation version)Disruptor.

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