The 1.2 update added some new locked chests to the dungeon. Where deserve to I discover their corresponding keys and what have the right to I expect to uncover inside this chests? space the rewards unique? will certainly I should generate many human beings to get all significant rewards from this chests?


Hallowed ChestJungle ChestFrozen ChestCrimson ChestCorruption ChestGolden ChestContains one of two people Magic Missile, Muramasa, Cobalt Shield, Aqua Scepter, Blue Moon, Handgun, Shadow key or a new golden KeyAll of the rewards, other than for those from golden Chests, are distinct to the dungeon.

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All of the dungeon secrets are obtained by combine a random drop indigenous the particular hardmode biome through a Temple an essential and 5 souls of vision (Twins), might (Destroyer) and Fright (Skeletron Prime).

In enhancement to these main rewards, all chests also contain some various other items such together potions, explosives, materials, coins and also lighting equipment.

Acquiring a golden Key:

Finding one in an unlocked, typical Chest in the Dungeon recognize one in an unlocked, Living timber Chest within a life Tree. Death a Dungeon Slime Killing another Dungeon monster (1/67 chance) breaking a pot in the Dungeon (1/40 chance)

Sources:My very own dungeon delvingTerraria WikiSource password of the game

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The key molds drop from mobs in the biome but in the s you deserve to get any type of mold. I acquired the hallowed and Ice mold native beating lepus(the Easter boss) in those biomes after the spawned loads of disaster bunny"s.after getting a mold you require 5 souls the fright,sight and might to handmade a key.

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