Reincarnated together a Slime: 10 an effective Characters Benimaru Hasn't fought Benimaru has battled many characters in Slime, yet there room many an ext he has yet to fulfill on the ar of battle.

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benimaru never fought
That Time I acquired Reincarnated together a Slime is one action-packed isekai collection starring Rimuru Tempest, a blue slime with countless fearsome abilities and magical features to his name. The collection isn"t strictly around fighting - Rimuru has likewise learned to end up being a wise national leader, and also he is a politician and diplomat and also a fighter.

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Still, many characters and groups in this brand-new isekai human being prefer to settle matters through mortal combat, and also while Rimuru doesn"t love fighting, he"s never ever afraid to profession blows through his worst enemies. He has actually fought and also triumphed end many powerful foes, as have his many an effective allies like Benimaru, yet there space some characters they haven"t dealt with yet, either.

guy crimson in slime
There space a couple of Reincarnated together a Slime characters Benimaru has actually not however fought, simply due to the fact that those personalities haven"t dealt with anyone at every yet in the anime. One of those battle-free characters is man Crimson, one of the oldest and also most an effective Demon Lords the all.

Guy Crimson has a contempt playful however tough attitude, and he doesn"t obtain too connected in other people"s business. Instead, he enables other next to work out their very own grudges, together as when he arranged to have actually Rimuru fight his nemesis, Demon mr Clayman, throughout Walpurgis.

cromwell talk slime
Demon lord Cromwell is another member the the council whom Rimuru and Benimaru has actually not however fought. In fact, Leon hasn"t been checked out fighting anyone however in the Reincarnated together a Slime anime, and also he has barely even exchanged any type of words with either the them, allow alone exchanged blows.

It to be Leon Cromwell who summoned Shizue Izawa to this isekai world and also put the fiery Ifrit inside her, and also Rimuru blames Leon Cromwell for every one of Shizue"s hardships. So, it"s feasible that Leon and Rimuru will certainly clash in the close to future, and also Rimuru could or could not ask Benimaru to assist him in this battle.

Shion is Rimuru"s self-appointed secretary, and she is just one of Benimaru"s fellow ogres. She and Benimaru both clashed v Rimuru throughout their very first meeting due to the fact that they hastily mistook the masked Rimuru for Laplace, who had sent the orcs ~ the ogre village.

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In that fight, Shion and Benimaru offered it your all, however they were as well hotheaded come realize that Rimuru is no their enemy. The fight ended bloodlessly, and now Benimaru and Shion fight together allies because that Rimuru, not versus him.

7 Benimaru Didn"t Ever face Clayman

clayman looking surprised
Benimaru would relish the possibility to hit Demon lord Clayman. In ~ this rate, Benimaru could be solid enough to face the puppetmaster Clayman in solitary combat and win. He"d in ~ least provide Clayman a great fight, but he"ll never obtain the opportunity to try it.

Clayman did very small fighting, and also he didn"t battle anyone personally until his fateful clash with Rimuru and also Shion at Walpurgis. In ~ the time, Benimaru was fighting Clayman"s military in Eurazania, far away from the Walpurgis meeting.

Yamza was one of Clayman"s "five fingers" minions, and also he was a cool-headed warrior with a tongue of ice. That took component in the battle for Eurazania, and he directly battled Albis the the 3 Beastketeers and even Gobta the goblin warrior. He ended up being forced come mutate into a miniature Charybdis versus his will.

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Benimaru would certainly have took pleasure in a knife duel between himself and also Yamza, and Yamza might have delighted in that battle, too. However, Benimaru was busy leading his army, and also he didn"t have time to address individuals choose Yamza.

5 Benimaru most likely Won"t Duel King Gazel Dwargo

regardless of being a king, Gazel Dwargo is perfectly ready to obtain his hand dirty if he desires to advice someone. That"s what that did in Reincarnated together a Slime Season 1, once he had actually a friendly but fierce knife duel v Rimuru to check the latter"s abilities and also resolve.

Gazel had incredible skill with the sword, and also it was every Rimuru might do to survive with a tongue alone. No doubt Benimaru would eagerly spar with Gazel Dwargo if challenged, yet at this rate, that won"t ever happen. Gazel has organization with Rimuru, no retainers favor Benimaru.

Veldora was when a mighty storm dragon until the masked Hero sealed that away. Now Veldora is earlier in person form, more powerful than ever, and also he ranking highly among Rimuru"s the strongest allies, together with Demon mr Milim Nava.

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Benimaru and Veldora have different personalities, however they seem to obtain along, and they have actually yet to clash verbally or ~ above the battlefield. It"s just also because the mighty Veldora would provide Benimaru a pains beatdown in a serious fight.

3 Benimaru Wasn"t The One come Duel Suphia

early in Slime Season 2, the pet Kingdom of Eurazania sent out a delegation, the three Beastketeers, to accomplish Rimuru"s officers. This warriors wanted to test Rimuru"s allies in battle, and also the tigress Suphia took on Shion in a friendly but fierce fight without weapons.

Benimaru wasn"t present for this event, but if he were, he would have actually wanted come fight Grucius, the professional swordsman who dealt with on the animal Kingdom"s behalf. Instead, it was Youm who had actually a ideal sword duel v Grucius when Souei and Shuna watched.

Footman is one of several clown-themed members of the center Harlequin Alliance, a small organization led by Kazaream/Kagali. Various other members incorporate the masked girl Tear and also Demon lord Clayman himself, not to point out Laplace. They are all an ext powerful than their goofy appearances would suggest.

Footman and his girlfriend Tear have fought couple of characters so much in the series, despite he did fight Geld the orc and also Phobio the the 3 Beastketeers. That did not, however, cross courses with Benimaru during that time.

1 Benimaru Wouldn"t critical Long against Hinata Sakaguchi

Hinata Sakaguchi is the commander of the royal knights the the Holy realm of Ruberios, and she is likewise a formidable fighter, ranking among the strongest person characters and strongest female characters, too. She once dealt with Rimuru Tempest through her fearsome Dead end Rainbow sword.

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Rimuru battled Hinata alone, and his allies such together Benimaru and Veldora only know Hinata by reputation so far. Benimaru might give Hinata a an excellent fight in a sword duel, however he"d battle to actually complete the job. Also Rimuru had actually a difficult time against her.

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