The Mozo Shenno Shrine is only accessible after completing the Bird in the hills side quest. Here"s how to obtain it done.

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The Rito village may not have actually a lot walk on inside its spire and also holds easily one the the shortest divine Beast main quests that players deserve to complete, however what that lacks in the main storyline it makes up for through side quests. Among these side pursuits is a Shrine quest, The Bird In The Mountains, that opens the Mozo Shenno Shrine as soon as completed.

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for the most part, this side quest is fairly easy, despite it can additionally be a suggest of difficulty if football player don"t know precisely what they space looking for. Like plenty of of the pursuits in Rito Village, The Bird In The Mountains entails solving a riddle offered to attach in order come unlock the secrets hosted by it for decades.

wherein To begin The Quest

Molli in Rito town BOTW
In bespeak to begin the Bird In The hills quest, players must talk to Molli, a bright pink Rito child discovered in the village, commonly sitting over among the ledges by herself. She will tell link a story around her grandfather, who traveled come the optimal of the mountain and saw a great, white bird in the snow. She additionally tells connect that he experienced something exciting near the bird, however she doesn"t know exactly what it is. ~ the pursuit activates, it"s clear that the mysterious thing her grandfather saw to be a Sheikah Shrine ripe for the picking. In bespeak to discover this Shrine, players should travel to wherein Molli is pointing, come the tree in ~ the height of Talonto Peak. The area automatically surrounding this is frozen and also will reason Link to take damages if that isn"t wearing protective armor or acquisition Cold Resistance food and elixirs

Mountaintop Tree looking over the white bird in BOTW
The journey to the Talonto optimal is no easy trek, as there are numerous enemies and difficult climbing point out that must be tackled prior to Link will even get close come the area. If players have unlocked the Goma Asaagh Shrine, discovered northeast of Rito Village, it may be less complicated to simply fast travel here and also make the rest of the trek ~ above foot, as it is situated much closer to the Talonto peak than Rito Village. The Flight range is likewise in a good position because that players to walk the remainder of the way, despite it is every uphill and requires a lot more climbing 보다 taking the alternative route.

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No issue which direction football player come from, they will have to address several strong enemies, consisting of Ice Lizalfos, Blizzrobes, and also multiple Moblins and Bokoblins, for this reason players no only have to be ready for the cold but additionally be ready for a fight.

The Mezo Shenno Shrine under the white bird in BOTW
as soon as players reach the peak of Talonto Peak, they may be tempted to try and look for an actual bird in the distance, yet the "bird" that Molli speaks of is in reality a rock development that, once looked in ~ from the ideal angle, showed up to be a big bird and also can be checked out by spring northwest from the Talonto Peak. If players have the travel Medallion, it may be a good idea to placed it down roughly the huge tree, together the following step may involve a lot more walking if they mess it up.

from the tree, jump off the cliff and glide in the direction of the bird and also land top top the rocky outcrop just between the cliffside and also the bird, despite be wary of the team of Lizalfos accompanied by a Moblin off to the right-hand side, together they might spot attach on the way down and also chase him to the cliff edge. Native here, players should have the ability to see the family orange glow of a Shrine, concealed under the behind of the bird, which deserve to be reached by gliding from this location. As soon as players have actually reached the Shrine, the quest will be completed, however, lock will have actually to finish the Shrine"s puzzle in stimulate to obtain the soul Orb.

Mozo Shenno Shrine in BOTW
This details Shrine, prefer the Goma Assagh Shrine, is a significant Test of toughness trial the requires attach possess some significant firepower in order to defeat. If players made decision to battle the group of Lizalfos prior to entering the Shrine, lock should have a handful of decent weapons on their side. However, this details Guardian has a whopping 3000 health, for this reason going in through an assortment of old weapons may be because that the best.

The battleground also has a unique lack the pillars come block the charging Guardian, and also its beams in the final stage that the fight. What is present, however, are several metal pillars surprise in the soil that deserve to be raised with Magnesis, enabling Link to summon a defensive wall whenever he requirements it. When the fight has been won, which will many likely expense several tools in the process, connect can proceed to take it the Guardian Axe++ and also Guardian Spear++ from the Guardian"s remains and enter the next room, whereby they can additionally take a Diamond indigenous the chest before claiming the soul Orb indigenous the Sheikah Monk.

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