Salvation is more than just being conserved from sin. Salvation is being conserved to the glory of God. Us were created in the likeness and the image of God, and it is His desire for united state to be crowned v His glory and honor.

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The Blood and the Glory reveals exactly how the power of the Blood that Jesus and the glory of God fit with each other in God's arrangement of redemption. This exciting publication draws native the experiences of great leaders of confidence from the previous to rekindle the strength of the Blood that Jesus in the Church today. Combining personal stories with solid biblical principles, Billye Brim teaches the prestige of depending upon the Blood of Jesus in your day-to-day walk v God. Friend will understand as never before that without the Blood that Jesus, the is difficult to be all set for the glory that God. By utilizing the principles outlined in this book you will certainly learn:

exactly how to usage the Blood that Jesus to conquer the opponent How to use the Blood that Jesus to defend your family members How to draw a blood line about your property and also possessions how to keep victory with the Blood of Jesus exactly how the Blood that Jesus is associated to the outpourings that the holy Spirit.

We are in the critical days. The circle of glory is almost complete. That is through the Blood the Jesus the we deserve to be redeemed to our rightful place of glory and also honor in the kingdom the God.


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Billye Brim to be born again in ~ the period of eight in 1947 and was brought up come love God and His Word. After her initial in-filling the the divine Spirit in 1967, she started the trip of fulfilling the speak to of God on her life. Billye served as editor of publication for Kenneth Hagin ns from 1970 come 1980, and also editing publications for several various other well-known bible teachers including Dr. Lester Sumrall. In 1972 she started ministering on regular basis at her neighborhood church in Collinsville, Oklahoma. In 1980 she started traveling full time both nationally and also internationally, v her focal points in Scandinavia and Europe. She has likewise ministered seven times in the Soviet Union. ~ the homegoing of she husband in 1986, the lord led Billye to study Hebrew in Israel. Working mostly through a Jewish ulpan (special language school), she takes believer to Israel at the very least twice a year to see modern-day Israel through Jewish eyes. Bible prophecy is an essential part that Billye"s teaching. Billye is a regular conference speak (numerous times of brothers Kenneth Copeland"s believers Conventions) and ministers in churches, holy bible schools, household camps, and on television. The focus of she ministry is on the Glory of God and His Glorious Church. She truly loves the body of Christ and desires to view it end up being the Glorious Church Jesus promised to get unto Himself.

Editorial Reviews

I have actually read it twice so far. Absolutely amazing. Every time i reread a passage the lord reveals something rather to me. We have actually no idea the power we have actually in the Blood the Jesus. I have actually been therefore pleased with the book and also am to buy a pair more to give away.

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Thank you, Mrs. Brim!