Fans have actually been demanding The Breaker Seaboy 3 for virtually five years currently. Fortunately, the new season ultimately looks hopeful. Now that Trinity Wonder Seaboy 3 has actually ended, the authors could start working on the much-awaited manhwa installment. However, the brand-new collection of volumes will still take a while to reach the sector. Here’s everything you need to understand about it.

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The Breaker is a South Oriental manhwa (comics or print cartoons) series that debuted ago in 2007. The famous manhwa, composed by Jeon Geuk-jin and also shown by Park Jin-hwan, ran for ten quantities till 2010. Soon after its finish, the author-illustrator duo released the second installment of the manhwa. The sequel dubbed The Breaker: New Wave, ongoing from 2010 and serialized till mid-2015. Even though both the periods of the manhwa were popular, publisher Daewon C.I. is yet to rebrand-new the third component.


The Breaker Season 3: Will It Ever Come Out?

Well, the rerevolve of the popular manhwa series was never before in question in the initially area. The writer and also illustrator of the series were constantly positive about launching another sequel. However, numerous problems came up before they might begin working on The Breaker Season 3. The duo started working on a new task instead.

Soon after the conclusion of the second seaboy, writer Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrator Park Jin-hwan introduced a brand also brand-new manhwa, Trinity Wonder. The series was loved by fans of The Breaker and brand-new readers too. However, due to the second comic, the writer-illustrator duo skipped working on The Breaker Season 3. Yet, all these years, they’ve been giving hope to fans.


Back in the day, the writer evidenced they intfinish to start working on The Breaker Season 3 as shortly as Trinity Wonder Season 3 ends. The latter took a while to end and also consumed a lot of time the creators had. Fortunately, currently that the third part of Trinity Wonder has concluded, the writer might finally begin writing the highly-anticipated sequel. Hence, they’re lastly some hope for the manhwa.

So When Are The Writers Planning To Start Season 3?

Now that Trinity Wonder Seakid 3 has ended, fans have actually begun to speculate that the authors will certainly shortly resume The Breaker. Luckily, these speculations turned out to be true as Geuk-jin and also Jin-hwan both evidenced the news. Last year, it reported an intersee organized by a publishing home dubbed Star Comics. In the intersee, the writer-illustrator duo briefly talked about The Breaker Seaboy 3.

They assured that the manhwa installment is likely to hit the market. However before, they added that the project could take at leastern a couple of years to release. While they haven’t confirmed, it appears prefer the creators have actually currently started functioning on the upcoming comic. We will update this area as soon as an official rebirth arrives.

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When Will The Breaker Seaboy 3 Release?

As the writer-illustrator shelp, the manhwa’s latest quantities will take a few years to hit the market. Considering that Geuk-jin and also Jin-hwan currently have actually jobs lined up, they could take much longer to complete. At the earliest, a 2022 release day appears the many likely.