The beat The Crucible was created by Arthur müller in solution to him gift accused of being a communist sympathizer in the 1950s. This happened during the Red Scare. City council Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin blacklisted hundreds of Americans because of the rising are afraid of communist (6). These human being were climate looked in ~ as and also many that them shed their jobs because they were accused of sustaining communism with tiny or no backing evidence. Miller composed his play around the Salem Witch Trials, and also compared it come the Red Scare and also McCarthyism.

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Arthur Miller to be born in Harlem, new York in 1915. He was elevated in a wealthy family members until his household lost whatever in the wall surface Street Crash of 1929. Regardless of this, that went on to walk to the college of Michigan, where he started writing. The took courses under famous playwright professor Kenneth Rowe. Miller favored to compose on controversial subject (1).

Miller’s writing career go not accomplish much success in ~ the start. His most well-known works came later in his career. Amongst these is The Crucible. The play describes the horror and chaos the the Salem Witch Trials. One main topic in this play is intolerance (2). The human being of Salem had a lot of grudges against one another, and also they used the witch hunting to get after their enemies.

The 1950s were additionally a time of distress in America. It was the moment of the Red Scare and also a huge fear of communist in the unified States. He compared the Red Scare with the Salem Witch Trials in the play, and also how intolerance can be considerably exaggerated (2). One example of this is the instance of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. The Rosenbergs were accused the espionage. They were found guilty and executed. When it could be suggested that this was fair, they were likewise blamed for the deaths in the oriental War (Julius and Ethel Rosenberg). In the Salem witch trials human being were in trepidation the witchcraft the same means that Americans to be in apprehension of communist (7). Both instances showed the fear and paranoia deserve to lead to power, and also too lot power in the hand of one person deserve to lead come chaos.

The Salem Witch Trials to be quite comparable to the Red Scare, even though lock were hundreds of years apart. The witch hunt began from a seemingly stunner situation, however it led to human being getting scared. These civilization were for this reason paranoid that they began to accuse civilization with small or no evidence. The only means one might get out of accusation to be confess or placed the blame on who else. Both of these to be lies, so that led the neighborhood to be very dishonest and also not reliable (9). Over all this, world started to accuse civilization in order to obtain their land and possessions. This resulted in several very good people sit in miserable prison cells and hung.

This beat is still relevant today. V the battle on Terror, there is a lot of paranoia. There are a lot of false accusations today, together there was in the witch hunt and the Red Scare. A Muslim professor called Sami Al-Arian was accused of being partly responsible for the 9/11 attacks. He immigrant to the United says in 1975 indigenous the middle east to obtain a greater education and a doctorate degree in computer system engineering. He came to America to make a better life because that himself and his family, which he did together he became a professor in ~ the college of southern Florida (5). Dr. Sami Al-Arian was simply a typical person, but because of his race, he to be suspected to be a terrorist. He was in prison for six years, and while he was finally claimed innocent, over there is no method to obtain that time back. He was an innocent human being sitting in a jail cell because of his country background.

Unfortunately, this case is no unique, and also there have actually been multiple instances of false accusations over the centuries. These have actually had comparable upbringings even though the lifestyle has been various each time. Discrimination has actually taken different forms transparent history, even today. World have been an extremely quick to judge, and also it has actually led come chaos and even bring away lives. It is still happening today, also with every one of the negative things that have actually happened in the past.

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