Since The division 2’s release, numerous players have actually been looking for a way to resolve the no sound an insect that they’ve been encountering. If you’re one of the unlucky players running right into this problem, climate the good news is, there space a couple of fixes available that can resolve the worry for you. Here’s what you should know.

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How to resolve the no sound pest in The division 2

If you want to resolve the no sound an insect in The department 2, climate you’re going to need to check a few things. First, if you’re experiencing the no sound bug, examine if you’re using the Logitech Gaming software suite because that anything on her computer. Plenty of players have actually reported issues with the Logitech software interfering through the game’s audio and also causing some issues.

If you have actually the Logitech Gaming Software installed on your computer, then you can disable the by exiting out of that completely. If you’re making use of a Logitech headset, it’s likewise been said by plenty of users that an altering it the end to another headset—or also using normal speakers—can fix the issue. Obviously, not everyone has access to many headsets, so if you’re still experiencing issues, then it’s time to move on come the following step.

If disabling the Logitech Gaming software program doesn’t settle the issue, or if girlfriend don’t use Logitech assets at all, then there is another item that might cause issues. We likewise found that users running Dolby Atmos discovered themselves running into audio issues in The division 2. Since of this, we highly suggest making certain it is disabled in her speaker/headset’s nature in Windows’ settings.

Players deserve to disable Dolby Atmos with the Windows" an equipment Properties for their audio device.

To disable Dolby Atmos, right click the speaker symbol on her taskbar. Then, select Sound Settings, and also look for maker Properties in the menu. Native here, look for Spatial Sound in the settings. Walk to this tab and ensure that this alternative is turned to Off. Through Dolby Atmos disabled, her sound should have actually returned.

Unfortunately, if no of these resolutions work for you, then you’re going to must wait for Ubisoft to relax an update. The good news is, castle are currently working difficult to deal with the problem themselves, and also you deserve to stay increase to day by checking out the main Twitter page. We’ll likewise update this write-up when the issue is resolved, or if any an ext solutions come to be available.

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Now the you know exactly how to solve the no sound bug, be sure to go back to our The division 2 overview hub for an ext helpful content.