The Asylum take away on Lifetime's sleeper hit series in this well-acted film around a physician obsessed.

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When a skiing accident lands sarah Crenshaw (Gina Vitori) in the hospital, that initially appears the young mrs is in ~ the hazard of shedding her leg. However thanks to the job-related of expert surgeon Gary Vincent (Anthony Jensen), Sarah's leg is saved and also he is lauded through his staff and also by buy it herself for his significant work. During her stay at the hospital, Sarah additionally becomes friendly with her physics therapist Jake (Matthew Pohlkamp), through their sessions together sparking a whirlwind romance--with the sweet and also encouraging Jake being just what Sarah requirements after her last relationship.

But what sarah doesn't establish is the Dr. Vincent has additionally taken a liking to her — though his interest easily becomes an extreme obsession. After buy it leaves the hospital and begins trying to heal and go forward with her brand-new relationship, Dr. Vincent proves that he will go to insane lengths to have Sarah together his own. Can Sarah see the truth prior to her doctor's bedside manner turns deadly?

Given that The medical professional Will death You Now (originally titled Nightmare Doctor) come courtesy the The Asylum, there is no way to to convince me that my concept is untrue: The doctor Will kill You Now is The Asylum's mockbuster for Stalked By my Doctor. Given that the Eric Roberts helmed obsession thriller ended up being a sleeper hit because that Lifetime, it's understandable the the notorious mockbuster company would desire to capitalize ~ above the franchise's success. If their initiatives suffer a few bungles and overall hardly ever reaches the very same heights collection by Roberts and also Dr. Albert Beck, The doctor Will death You Now quiet stands as a solid lifetime obsession thriller.

Stepping right into the shoes of one actor choose Eric Roberts is a daunting task, but one that Anthony Jensen does well with in the role of Dr. Gary Vincent. Much like Dr. Beck, Vincent is created as a very skilled and also revered operated doctor — other that gives him with a mask come hide his arrogant God facility and quickly declining mental stability. Vincent is likewise defined by his histrionic moments of psychosis, and also while they room much an ext spaced apart 보다 Dr. Beck's, they load a punch as soon as they absent in and also give Jensen the space to cut loosened and truly throw himself right into the nutty medical professional — particularly during the climax, which differs from how Lifetime normally wraps up its action and has Dr. Vincent in ~ his most deranged.

A problem emerges, however, native this restraint offered to Dr. Vincent, as exterior of his moments when the physician goes full-blown mad, Vincent's plot are maintained to the standard "Lifetime Obsession Thriller" win with little deviation. This trouble is exacerbated by Jensen's performance during these flatter story beats, together while Eric Roberts brought to Dr. Beck a perverted and lustful zeal to conventional acts that stalking his victim and also sabotaging her relationships, Jensen does tiny to carry personality come Vincent's more routine acts of villainy.

WARNING: spoiler Below

(Though ~ above the keep in mind of routine acts of villainy, ns must point out the The doctor Will death You now does worthy credits for throwing me a couple of curveballs in regards come Vincent's actions. Some of these include Jake's unexpected murder--given just how the film showed up to be setup him up together the surprise hero--and the unexpectedly extended orgasm that becomes an ext intense the much longer it go on)

Spoilers Over

Playing the film's tantamount to Stalked By my Doctor's Sophie Green, Gina Vitori is sorry as sarah Crenshaw, pass a charm to the young woman as Sarah battles to recoup from her accident and also finds it s her an unwitting victim of she obsessed doctor. Choose Sophie, unfortunately, sarah is additionally something of an inactive protagonist, though she (unlike Sophie) has the advantage of being greatly in the dark about Vincent's obsession until the finale. Acting as a disadvantage, however, is the reality that sarah in reality does have some turoulend warning signs to Dr. Vincent's true nature, with one gift so turoulend that sarah looks like an idiot for not noticing it. Thankfully, Vitori's charming power and boost in proactiveness during the 3rd act help to mitigate the disappointed from this momentary knowledge lapse.

Matthew Pohlkamp is incredibly likable and also charming as Sarah's physics therapist turned friend Jake, through Pohlkamp and Vitori sharing sufficient chemistry to do their rushed connection something to source for. Round off out the primary cast is Psycho BFF's Kate Watson together Sarah's suspiciously roommate Rosaland, v Watson bringing charm in buckets come the witty Rosaland and also (like Pohlkamp) sharing chemistry v Vitori to carry authenticity come Rosaland and Sarah's quick friendship.

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As a movie seemingly taking inspiration from one of the Greats in Lifetime's collection, The physician Will kill You Now has its share of blunders. The titular medical professional becomes somewhat lifeless in the an ext routine parts of the story (something that have the right to not be said around the physician of the films which this one takes catalyst from), and Sarah's lapse in judgement is certain to rod in some viewer's minds. Yet with a solid plot the holds a few surprises and also a charming cast, The physician Will death You Now stands up together a fairly well-done pseudo-follow-up to the Stalked By mine Doctor saga.