I want to join!I want to join!2021s Feast Continues!2021s Feast Continues!

What ripe months does for the embryoForty at an early stage morningsWill do for your growing awareness- Jelaluddin Rumi

All room welcome

You space invited to participate in the Feast no matter where friend are, what your spiritual practice is, or exactly how experienced girlfriend feel. Join the 10s of thousands of civilization who sign up with the Feast for 40 days, indigenous January 15 with February 23, and commit to intensifying their heartfelt spiritual practice. When you do, your resilience, your peacefulness, and also your feeling of link to everyone will increase. Who you are and also how you live create a ripple effect. A smile, a compassionate act, a sort word, and a moment of connecting and also truly being present with someone is regularly born from spirituality practice. You and also your peacefulness are crucial to creating an ext peace in the world. Currently that"s a great reason to sign up with the Feast! everyone is invited to the Feast the peace!

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The Feast because that the heart is observed from January 15 with February 23, and also you deserve to commit to deepening her practice throughout the Feast or any other time of year. The sources on this website will support you. Gain the myriad the meditations and access the faculty"s guidance and insight.

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The yearly Feast for the heart unites people in their commitment come a 40-day practice of stillness. Many commit come 40 minute of spiritual exercise each morning that the Feast and also report transformational effects kind their commitment. The Feast for the soul embraces all creates of spiritual practice, whatever enables you come bask in a duration of peace in your everyday life. Whether it is winter or summer wherein you space in January, we hope girlfriend will sign up with the an ext than 20,000 people an international who take part each year.

The Mission and Vision

Establishing a day-to-day spiritual practice.

The Feast for the spirit exists come create and support a global community of individuals committed to sustaining a an individual daily spiritual practice. People around the people are invite to observe the Feast, a 40 day practice duration from January 15 to February 23, during which a faculty of spirituality guides and teachers native a selection of spiritual traditions and lineages sell guided meditations and discourses, and also lend encouragement to Feast participants. It renders guided meditations and discourses easily accessible online totally free of charge year-round. The Feast is a cost-free extensive that everyone—regardless of spirituality tradition, path, or practice—is urged to observe in order to create more personal peace and also world peace.

We hold a vision that a world at peace—one that embraces all tranquil spiritual traditions and also organizations, consisted of of a community of individuals, each committed come their personal daily spirituality practice, creating an ext peace top top this planet. We visualize civilization everywhere, nevertheless of the imagined borders of creed, culture, and also philosophical beliefs, participating in the synchronized spiritual practice intensive, the Feast for the Soul.

Our Work

Deepen her spiritual practice and momentum with the Feast.

Each year, an esteemed faculty of spiritual guides and teachers native a selection of heritages volunteer to assistance you in deepening your daily spiritual practice.

Meet the FacultyMeet the Faculty

Begin her 40-day journey.

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Sign up for Feast for the Soul. It"s free to participate.

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TKFormer Attendee

“When you take it meditative exercise on because that yourself, the bleeds end onto her friends and family and affects them, too. It"s a kind of quiet leadership.”

Sarah McLeanDirector, Winter Feast for the soul

“When the 40-days were complete, not only are those who observe it revolutionized personally, the world about them was additionally transformed by your practice.”

Patricia DiFazio2010 Attendee

“I meditated today, the an initial day the the Winter Feast for the Soul...This energy moves quicker than ships and planes.”

Dr. R. BentelCalifornia, previous Attendee

“I will definitely participate! give thanks to you for placing this the end in the ethers to grow and nourish united state all.”