Two days before the first atomic bomb test, physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer to be heard to review these lines:

In battle, in the forest, in ~ the precipice in the mountains,

On the dark good sea, in the middle of javelins and also arrows,

In sleep, in confusion, in the depth of shame,

The good deeds a man has actually done prior to defend him.

Anyone know where it come from? It's complex by the fact that Oppenheimer in reality knew Sanskrit and some resources relating this i say he interpreted it himself. I'd guess: v the Gita due to the fact that it to be a large deal in his life, yet I've searched some vital words in a couple of different translations and haven't found any kind of matches. Go the over look at all acquainted to anyone?

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Oppenheimer's very own translations were often idiosyncratic and based ~ above the method of his Sanskrit teacher at Berkeley, Arthur Ryder. I've searched v a scanned copy of Ryder's 1930 translation and found nothing the registers with any type of of the words of the supposed Oppenheimer part. This details claim the Oppenheimer said this and also that it to be from the Gita comes from Vannevar Bush, cursed to a memoir about 25 year after claimed incident. Probably Oppenheimer said this come Bush; perhaps he said something else and Bush forgot it end time; probably he attributed it differently; that knows. But I don't think it's in reality from the Gita.

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