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I"ma keep searching these bitches on my website "til I have the right to slide a Benz This shit illegal, however it"s green, I"ve gotta acquire it in ns paid $5,000 for my fit, I"m not fitting in
If the bitch acquired dirty shoes, she not getting inBro can"t move about with no straps, his situation is tho on pending
You can speak to me anything yet broke, that"s something I"ve never been (Don"t speak to me that)I"m about to take her bitch to what she ain"t never ever been (Come on)You need to stop explain a hood the you ain"t never in (Get the crap off)****** love running off through money therefore I never ever lendThe hoes never ever ask you because that no money "cause you constantly spend (They don"t)The hoes never ever ask you for no money, you it is in bullshitting (You it is in on bullshit)You can ask your bitch about me, I"m a bull in that (Ask about me)I just bought a piece for $50 and also got the fullz v it (This bitch fire)I"m "bout to buy an SRT and do the stupid in itI"m tryna carry out 200 up the freeway, i ain"t gained my allow (I ain"t acquired it)
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