The Compassionate Achiever Podcast started in the summer that 2017 and is co-hosted through Dr. Chris Kukk and also Tracy Day. Kukk and also Day interview compassionate achievers from assorted backgrounds and careers because that the objective of learning and also sharing the various ways helping others leader to success. You deserve to listen to the podcast via iTunes, Soundcloud, GooglePlay, any type of podcast app, and all smart speakers/devices (i.e., Amazon Echo…simply to speak “Alexa, pat The Compassionate Achiever Podcast”). Us can also been found on Facebook and also Twitter. Recent episodes are detailed below.

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Season 3 episodes (latest):

Season 3, episode 8The an excellent American Read. PBS is hosting a nation wide read-a-thon this year via “The good American Read” ( and also the podcast team covered a few of the 100 titles v not just the lens of compassion but also a debate about whether the list is based much more on a popularity contest rather than wonderful writing. Us were join by a reading expert, Debbie Parker, with the expect of inspiring not just reading yet voting for your favorite books.

Season 3, illustration 7Do you desire to know something you more than likely don’t know but should? end 95% that medical gadgets (from birth control and also heart tools to knee and also shoulder replacements) in the United claims are no tested or regulated prior to they room implanted in Americans. An American first grader go through much more testing 보다 over 95% the American clinical devices and also it is having serious health consequences throughout the country. The podcast crew is join by a leader (and compassionate achiever) in America’s initiative to regulate clinical devices, Angie Firmalino of ASHESnonprofit ( This episode was inspired by the Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge. See for more information around problems with medical devices.

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Season 3, episode 6Does compassion issue in man-made intelligence? The podcast team addresses this inquiry using the AMC television show HUMANS and newspaper posts from both The new York Times and also Wall Street Journal.

Season 1 IntroductionSeason 1, episode 0A short advent to the Compassionate Achiever Podcast and also the co-hosts: Dr. Christopher Kukk and Tracy Day. The podcast is based upon the book called The Compassionate Achiever ( and it’s around discovering exactly how to “unleash the compassionate achiever within you to unlock success.”