The Irish… and also How They got That Way is an irreverent background of the Irish v the blatant 20th and also 21st centuries through the eye of Pulitzer prize winning author, candid McCourt (Angela’s Ashes, ‘Tis, Teacher Man).

McCourt’s razor sharp wit, coupled with his trademark bitterness irony, and also his boundless love because that the Irish civilization are every underscored by glorious music expanding all the means from the auld Irish individual ballades, through George M. Cohan’s patriotic love song to America, human being War II standards sung in movies, USOs and foxholes almost everywhere the world, and also including the latest from modern-day Ireland’s U2.

“Now in rebirth at the ireland Repertory theater a year after McCourt’s death, the show displays a sturdiness that transcends passing vogue. . THE BUOYANT mix OF timeless SONGS, present TUNES and POP IS DELIGHTFUL: Mr. Troy does a dandy George M. Cohan and also Mr. Sheehan a disastrous “Danny Boy.” – brand-new York Times

“Charlotte Moore’s ensemble of 4 men and two women puts top top a jaunty show, fluidly shifting among songs, jigs and recited passages. Even IF friend DON’T have A solitary DROP OF eco-friendly IN her VEINS, it’s ENTIRELY possible YOU’LL uncover A TEAR IN her EYE.” – Time Out

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“Making effective entertainment out of serious background is a rare gift. Yet from the catastrophic 1840s potato famine to a haunting, modern U2 anthem, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and former background TEACHER frank MCCOURT’S RICHLY NARRATED, MUSICAL background LESSON, “THE irish … and HOW THEY gained THAT WAY,” IS PURE ENJOYMENT. “An exuberant, mostly Irish cast enacts McCourt’s wide-ranging product that sizzles through outrage, wit, pride and, the course, sentiment. Charlotte Moore, artistic director of the irish Rep, has actually cohesively and also artfully staged the work, v cast and also musicians on stage in a storytelling grouping. Spirited narration of McCourt’s irony-tinged variation of Irish history — combine fact, folklore, stereotypes and blarney — is interspersed with snippets or complete productions of countless familiar ireland songs, often accompanied through lively dancing. The troupe is donate by atmospheric projections of historical paintings, newspaper articles, letters, and black-and-white photos, yet the warmhearted production never ever feels like a documentary. THIS PRODUCTION of “THE ireland …” fully SUCCEEDS as A SOULFUL, regularly ROLLICKING JOURNEY through 150 TUMULTUOUS years OF IRISH-AMERICAN HISTORY.” — connected Press

“Throughout the show, the music expresses a sentimental nostalgia v catch-in-your-throat numbers the make girlfriend reflexively tear up. The present concludes through U2’s “I quiet Haven’t found What I’m feather For.” IT’S THE PERFECT ANTHEM for THOSE who PONDER WHAT THEY’VE obtained — and also LOST.” — NY Post

“Ciaran Sheehan sings a beautiful variation of “Danny Boy” in the irish Repertory’s renewal of frank McCourt’s The Irish…And exactly how They acquired That Way however that’s far from the just reason for recommending this refreshing summer breeze indigenous Galway Bay. THE display IS A installation TRIBUTE TO everything IRISH — AND, IN PARTICULAR, come THE LIVELY, KEENING ireland SONGS NOW well-known FOR EONS. Name the tune, and it’s a certain bet there’s a rendition below as feelingly sung by Sheehan and also fellow original cast member terrycloth Donnelly, and also Kerry Conte and also Gary Troy, all of whom have been directed with Gaelic treatment by Charlotte Moore and also choreographed through Celtic energy by Barry McNabb. Furthermore, the revered ditties are robustly add by music director Kevin B. Winebold, and also on violin, mandolin, and also bodhran by Patrick Shields.” — Theatremania

“ONE deserve to CELEBRATE A FRESH renewal OF frank MCCOURT’S delightful MUSICAL, when again spiritedly directed by Charlotte Moore at the ireland Repertory Theatre. Similar to past presentations, THIS INCARNATION gives A heat MIX of SENTIMENT and also SHEER FUN. The show is both a background lesson and enjoyable entertainment every wrapped right into one, many thanks to the cast, contributions by the musicians, a help of snappy choreography through Barry McNabb, initial musical kinds by Rusty Magee, collection and projection design by Shawn Lewis, costume deign through David Toser, lighting architecture by Michael Gottlieb and also the loving as whole direction through Moore, who plainly has an understanding affinity with and fondness for the work.” — wilhelm Wolf

“Presented through the irish Repertory Theatre, the beat is a memory-laden journey of Irish and Irish-American history, WRITTEN v BOTH A DASH of WIT and A MOURNFUL smile by frank McCourt and sharply directed by Charlotte Moore. Spreading is excellent. An especially memorable is Ciaran Sheehan sings some of the more soulful numbers. Kerry Conte walk a nice rotate with together numbers together Galway Bay and Has Anybody below Seen Kelly? terry Donnelly works well with the hilarious story-song Finnegan’s Wake and nicely teams with Conte because that The climbed of Tralee. Rounding out the actors are musical director Kevin B. Winebold (on piano) and Patrick Shields on numerous instruments (both of whom carry out a letter-perfect job). “The Irish…and just how They gained That Way” is over all, one introspective piece. It provides a linguistic (and an extremely involving) historical essay, and some great music and much more than a couple of elements of humor.

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It’s A SHOW definitely WORTH checking OUT.” — epoch Times

“All the was missing was a pint that Guinness.” –

“The six performers entertain with a glint in their eyes, a acceleration to your steps and also a touch of irish humor and also wit to tell their countless tales. A captivating capsule of Irish background performed to the hilt by a an excellent ensemble cast.” – talk Entertainment