For almost 20 years, Jacqueline Laurita called the Garden State home, however the previous star of The genuine Housewives of new Jersey moved onto brighter — and presumably much less drunken and probably less Italian — pastures. Though it"s difficult to imagine the peaceful calm she"ll feel in the desert, far from danielle Staub"s 21 engagements and Teresa Giudice"s basic temperament, it"s no really clear what drove she away (well, as well as stripper-gate). 

The star"s move comes in the middle of some severe financial difficulties for the family, who have been battling foreclosure on their Franklin Lakes mansion since 2015. In between bankruptcy and also fraud cases, it"s no really how amazing the pair would desire a brand-new start. As Laurita claimed in her famed opening succession tagline, "I am a vegas girl, ns will speak to your bluff." So let"s contact it. The relocate feels like a reckoning because that the star, who"s moving back to the state the made her, yet is it for brand new business methods or is she crawling house with her designer purse in between her legs?

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In 2017, Jacqueline Laurita placed all the table flipping, weave pulling, and baptism brawls behind her as soon as she stop The genuine Housewives Of brand-new Jersey for good. She has little much more to show for it various other than a half from the north Jersey nation Club and also a presumable mountain that debt the would likely keep she away nevertheless (the location is expensive enough that membership prices space not listed on the website).

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In one interview with Entertainment Tonight, the reality star evidenced that she was leaving the show since the network felt choose she "no longer an authentic connection with 2 of the season"s actors members" and she "no longer fit in through the group." that course, she to be talking about Teresa Giudice and her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga. Generally, people don"t take too kindly once you the end their plastic surgical treatment on nationwide TV and also say they"re "full of f***ing sh**," so it"s no clear what Laurita was expecting.

According come Laurita, Bravo available her a part-time role with the option of it becoming full time if she gelled through the girls, however she turned lock down. "That emotion that I had to kind of tryout again, it just didn"t feeling right," she said Entertainment Tonight. 

Other reports — i m sorry Laurita refuse — declared she had asked because that too much money. One of two people way, she"s complimentary from the tethers of Bravo to do her big cross-country move.

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It"s simple to speculate the Jacqueline Laurita"s move was rooted in jae won problems. Her family was embroiled in a bankruptcy situation for her husband"s Signature Apparel clothing agency for years. According to Radar Online, the star owed "nearly $340,000" in back taxes native a tax lien that was filed in 2013. A different tax lien from that same year observed her owe the IRS an additional $85,127. This isn"t including the virtually $10,000 she accused paid turn off in 2016. 

Let"s just say, points haven"t been easy for Laurita — specifically while caring for a kid with autism — however she to be honest around her struggle when she returned to Season 7 together a full-time cast member. "After mine husband lost his agency during that rough economy, that took some time because that the to decrease in revenue to catch up to us," she created on her Bravo blog. "We were likewise not ready for the cost of increasing a kid with impairment ... Somehow, during our struggle, we have regulated to stick it out and also keep fighting to get through it."

As that 2016, Laurita"s husband to be still do the efforts to make BLK beverages happen, regardless of the reality it had been suck into one more lawsuit. His second company, The small Kernel, shows up to no longer even have a website, despite they were reportedly trying to find a $200 million investment in 2018. It certain seems like the family might use a fresh start.

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Jacqueline Laurita invested the far better part the a te navigating a very complicated bankruptcy case with her husband chris Laurita — and also things really didn"t work-related out in their favor. In fact, kris was found liable for fraud and ordered to pay $1.8 million (roughly, the price the the Franklin Lakes mansion they can"t seem to sell).

In 2009, Chris" garments company, Signature Apparel, filed for bankruptcy. Whatever seemed normal, at the very least in the human being of Real Housewives bankruptcy cases, until a year later when they were sue by a court-ordered main who declared the pair (along through other household members) " Signature Apparel financial institution accounts to salary for exclusive jets, lavish vacations and also expensive cars," according to

Radar Online reported the Chris" brother and sister-in-law, Joseph and also Adeline Laurita, managed to resolve their finish of the suit in 2014. The star"s other brother, Anthony Laurita, take it his part of the case to court, however Jacqueline and also Chris struggled. Their bankruptcy attorneys reportedly quit ~ the pair to be unable to pay an excellent $290,000 in legit fees, and their instance was stalled. Chris did gain his last fraud judgment until 2017, a lining eight years after the bankruptcy case began. It is not clear how the couple plan to pay the $1.8 million owed, yet selling their stuff on on facebook seems prefer a start.

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It wasn"t exactly clear that Jacqueline Laurita want to leave the Garden State once she an initial listed she massive, Franklin Lakes mansion because that $2.85 million in 2014, however it became increasingly more apparent in 2017, once the star left The real Housewives of new Jersey and began aggressively slashing her home"s prices.

According come (via Page Six), the star noted the home for $2.78 million in 2017. Later that year, it to be relisted because that $2.3 million, however they quiet couldn"t discover a buyer. In 2019, amid plans because that the family"s cross-country move, the home was noted again — at $1.95 million. As of this writing, it"s down come $1.75 million — practically a million much less than the couple was hoping to originally receive, and also barely more than castle paid because that it, according to Bravo. 

The Lauritas" home is undeniably nice. Is it multi-million dollar nice? that knows? It"s unclear why castle haven"t discovered a the person who lives in 5 years other than the truth that the "median home price in Franklin Lakes is $1.1 million," according to Page Six. The pair bought the 6 bedroom and 5.5 bath home in 2001. It"s even got a wine cellar and gym, but with whiffs the foreclosure in the air, the couple might no have had much of a choice to market it. Instead, they traded your spacious digs because that a camper van, albeit temporarily. Sounds, erm, comfy.

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Jacqueline Laurita"s Franklin Lakes mansion has actually been the topic of near-continuous foreclosure litigation since 2015. According to, your lender an initial filed foreclosure records in June 2015. The pair reportedly hadn"t make a payment since October 2014, however some kind of arrangement was reached in 2016, since the foreclosure to be dismissed. A various lender filed another notice of foreclosure in July 2017, i beg your pardon was energetic as of the April 2019 report. In various other words: if the Lauritas can"t sell their home, it will be taken from them.

When the household started selling their thing on Facebook, that didn"t really aid the rumors the they can actually be losing their residence. They detailed 14 items worth a complete of $16,810, consisting of $4,500 chandelier (that you had actually to come and also remove yourself if you want it) and a $200 signed Silence that the Lambs poster. Despite Chris stated (via the they were selling their stuff because their new home to be a "completely different style," the does make you wonder if the pair is moving earlier to Laurita"s hometown to cope through their gaue won woes.

In one Instagram post, Jacqueline admitted she parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephews, and also cousins all live in the ras Vegas area, so there is no doubt that the family link made the locale switch more attractive. However, the must likewise be detailed that ras Vegas is notoriously cheaper than Bergen County, among the wealthiest counties in new Jersey. Coincidence? 

It"s clear that the Lauritas" life is in transition. Jacqueline is no longer on The real Housewives of brand-new Jersey, and also it"s unclear what precisely is walk on v Chris" popcorn endeavor, the tiny Kernel. With his bankruptcy instance seemingly over, the pair is supposedly trying to begin some brand-new sort of business endeavor. Follow to, chris admitted the new opportunity forced them to relocate, hence the Facebook moving sale. So, what is it?

We recognize next to nothing around what the couple are in reality doing about Vegas. In an Instagram post, Jacqueline said that kris was relocating to Nevada for she the same way she relocated to brand-new Jersey for him, however she also claimed that he to plan to open an office and warehouse nearby in California with his business partners. It"s no really clear what company will run out that the new location. Every little thing it is, it seems choose the right move for the family.

"Why can"t someone create something positive around a household pulling up their bootstraps and moving on come bigger and far better opportunities?" Chris composed in a Facebook message (via "What we"re doing is a an excellent thing and also is best for our families future. We are looking front to it."

Jacqueline Laurita is shipping the end of brand-new Jersey the same method she come in — and also not with any type of of the an intricate cars allegedly expensed on Chris" company card. The former RHONJ star undertook the good America road pilgrimage by selecting to drive across the nation in a vast RV. 

In one Instagram post, Jacqueline"s daughter Ashlee Holmes Malleo wrote, "It was this month 18 years earlier that I got into an RV through my mom and her fiancé (I would soon speak to him Dad) to embark top top a brand-new adventure — relocating from Henderson, Nevada to Franklin Lakes, new Jersey. Ns was only 10 year old in ~ the time. Today, ns watched my household get on one RV to move back throughout the nation to Nevada."

To keep up v the sentimentality, Jacqueline rented her RV from the same firm she used when she relocated to new Jersey because that the very first time. "I"m rolling out the same method I rolled in," she created in one Instagram post. Though gift trapped top top a tin deserve to on wheels through your parents is usually a nightmare for many kids, that seems like the family are actually enjoying their time together. Jacqueline shared some Instagram Story update (captured by Bravo) that showed her children cooking s"mores and popcorn end a campfire. We"re wonder why they supplied Jiffy Pop rather of the tiny Kernel. Isn"t loyalty everything to the Housewives?

Jacqueline Laurita might be leaving the drama the The real Housewives of brand-new Jersey in the Garden State, but she still has actually some ties wait for she return. The star"s daughter Ashlee Holmes Malleo, who"s best known because that pulling out daniel Staub"s extensions and also getting right into bratty fights v her parents, chose to remain behind. It"s pretty exciting when you think about the reality that Malleo left her parents for the West coast in 2011, however the girl is currently a married mama.

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Malleo had actually her first child through then-fiancé Pete Malleo in 2016. The pair ultimately tied the knot 2 years later, and also though Laurita admitted her "life will be complete" as soon as she can convince her daughter to relocate out west with her grandson, Malleo felt like the time wasn"t right.

"Ending this thing of my life has been incredibly challenging for me, yet I could not it is in happier because that my family and also their new beginnings," Malleo wrote on Instagram. "I don"t understand if I"ll ever end up earlier West. For now, my story is supposed to proceed here in brand-new Jersey ... Yet you bet her a** I"ll it is in visiting!"