The Mysteries of Laura Seachild 2 Episode 8 Review: The Mystery of the Ghold in the Machine

Was anyone else confused by exactly how long it took for them to figure out the victim was an undercover cop? Isn"t tbelow someone out there who keeps track of what their undercover officers are doing?

At leastern the episode introduced us to even more indevelopment on Billy – he was an undercover cop at one time. I"ve been waiting forever before for them to flesh out Billy"s character and was thrilled they introduced this tidlittle bit. I"m really hoping they decide to include even more layers to all the personalities this season.

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Another bright spot was Captain Santiani listening to what Jake had actually to say around the case and going along with his hunch. It appears Captain Santiani is progressively letting her guard dvery own and also isn"t being so stubborn. 

It was pretty awesome having actually Captain Santiani take charge and force everyone off their computer systems. I really hope she earns her groups trust, and respect, bereason the woman is really trying. While I might not have actually been a huge fan of Captain Santiani in the start, Laura made me love her tonight.

Moving on to Jake and his never finishing medical concerns, why have to they drag this on for so long? I am slowly prospering impatient on finding out what exactly is going on via Jake and his brain. Ultimately this is all going to come out and bite Jake in the ass.

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Of course Jake must have actually additionally come clean about what the email really said once he was having his day with Laura. He wants to store claiming he"s an opened up book, yet he continues to store his internet of lies going. The factor he shed Laura in the first place was because of every one of his lies.

Touching ago on the crime of the week, I took pleasure in the twist of having the hacker revolve out to be an internet troll. It"s truly scary exactly how much internet bullies will go to gain revenge and the display shown the whole thing accurately. 

In the finish, the hacker turned out to be a college boy that was upset and also tried to usage freedom of speech as the best to be cruel. I really loved how Jake ripped right into the child and also basically told him he can"t justify being cruel and being responsible for murder. The whole situation was a harsh reminder of just how words deserve to hurt and also how easy it is to let go of fact as soon as you have the right to sit behind the anonymity of the internet. 

What did you think of "The Mystery of the Gorganize in the Machine"? Were you surprised by who the hacker turned out to be? Do you think Jake will has an additional medical emergency?

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