CHICAGO — The male accused of placing out a hit on his mother, a prominent Uptown stylist, that resulted in her death in September 2012 is a regional actor and also rapper with a sizable society media following.

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Qaw'mane Wilson, a 24-year-old man whose phase name is "Young QC," is accused that enlisting the help of two other world to death his mother, Yolanda Holmes, the owner that Nappy Headz Salon, previously at 4141 N. Broadway.

Holmes was shot and stabbed to fatality on Sept. 2, 2012, in ~ her residence in the 1000 block the West Montrose Avenue. Wilson's reason for allegedly hiring a hitman for the grisly act, follow to court documents, was "financial gain."

One main after Holmes' death, Wilson, her sole beneficiary, liquidated his mother's bank accounts, collecting more than $90,000. He additionally was beneficiary of 2 of her life insurance policies, follow to court documents.

Qaw"mane Wilson see Full subtitle

On miscellaneous social media communication — includingFacebook,YouTubeandInstagram— Wilson have the right to be checked out holding stacks the currency, being about expensive car or wearing designer clothing.

Wilson, who was arrested Sunday and charged v murder and also home invasion, has thousands of followers on those platforms.

In May, he posted a video to his YouTube account that has actually gotten much more than 8,600 views and also shows the "giving ago to his fans." The video shows the hop out of a car in the parking lot of a West Side follow Bank. That talks around withdrawing $20,000 "just to show people I'm ~ above a entirety other level v this."

Then Wilson heads within the bank and emerges with stacks and also stacks the $100 bills.

The video soon cut to his "fans," in a frenzy together he launches the cash in the air at an additional location.

Many of his society media followers have chastised him publicly for allegedly masterminding the death of his mother.

That contains Donte Fain, the writer and producer of "The Nick Story," a family drama certification Wilson available on YouTube. Fain didn't respond to a inquiry for comment for this article. Yet he did write-up his thoughts on Facebook and also Twitter.

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"IF THE FACTS space TRUE, THE adversary IS completely ALIVE and also WELL," Fain posted on Facebook. "QC HAD everything HE wanted FROM HIS MOTHER... Only CHILD!! GOD BLESS HIS family members & KIDS"

Yunae Holmes, the victim's sister and Wilson's aunt, had a similar posting Tuesday: "I'm trying to number out why that would carry out such a thing. She did every little thing for him."

Wilson, and his alleged accomplices Loriana Johnson, 23, and also Eugene Spencer, 22, were all ordered organized without bail Tuesday for the slaying of Yolanda Holmes.