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EMMA GOLDMAN (spoken):I have just arrived from Lawrence, Massachusetts where, eight mainly ago, the employees there go on strike. They space starving, their kids are dying, but they are holding certain - and we need to support themYOUNGER BROTHER:It to be winter in new YorkAs the snow started to fallAnd the workmen's hall had not a chair to spareWhen a young male stepped insideJust to heat himself, was allThe night the Goldman spoke at Union SquareEMMA (spoken):What is happening in Lawrence is happening everywhere. Let us at last do this the floor of chance for every people, not just the owners. The floor of possibility for Tateh and his small Girl. Us cannot rest!YOUNGER BROTHER:She was speaking loud and also fastThrough a haze of noise and heatAnd the smell of sweat and anger in the airThe police to be standing byBut the crowd was on the feetThe night that Goldman spoke at Union SquareEMMA:You!YOUNGER BROTHER:He believed he heard her say
EMMA:What brings you below todayEMMA, ENSEMBLE:Poor young rich boyEMMA:Masturbates for a Vaudeville tartWhat a garbage of a fiery heartDearYOUNGER BROTHER:He thought she saidEMMA, ENSEMBLE:Poor young bourgeoisEMMA:There room things the you've never thoughtCome to Emma and you'll it is in taughtHereYOUNGER BROTHER:His head was spinningEMMA, ENSEMBLE:People feathered and tarred, mine friendUnions broken and why forChildren laboring, females still enslavedLeave your little backyard, mine friendThere are reasons to die for
ENSEMBLE:Strike!YOUNGER BROTHER:In the gutters the the cityI have actually tried to uncover some meaningENSEMBLE:Strike!YOUNGER BROTHER:In the eight of collapse womenIn the thought of suicideENSEMBLE:Strike!YOUNGER BROTHER:Like a firework unexplodedWanting life however never knowing just how -EMMA:My brotherLife has meaningI'll present you how -

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YOUNGER BROTHER:-Till nowEMMA:My brother, girlfriend areWith us nowYOUNGER BROTHER:He was calling the end her nameShouting what, the did not knowAnd he uncovered that he to be standing ~ above a chairWith a heart together clean and newAs the freshly fallen snowThe night the Goldman spoke -EMMA (spoken):I've been waiting for youYOUNGER BROTHER:- in ~ Union SquareWORKERS (spoken):Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!TATEH (spoken):I dislike you, goddamned America!LITTLE GIRL (spoken):Tateh! Tateh!