We’re provided the walk ahead to seek this mission the very first time us visit the GCPD HQ. In stimulate to complete it, we must track down and use our Detective setting to check a number of dead body that have been hung up across Gotham.

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Only the location of the very first victim’s body will certainly be offered to you. Afterwards, you room going to have to check out the miscellaneous islands whilst keeping your eye peeled. Fortunately, roughly each human body you’ll hear some distinct opera music playing, so save an ear out too! every of the body is gift in exactly the same means – organized up through the wrists, hanging native a wall.

There are six bodies to discover in total, v two bodies located on every of the three islands. As soon as you have found and also inspected all 6 of them, your goals will be updated and you will have the ability to track down the killer and address him.

Part 1: discover the Victims¶

Bleake Island Victim 1

Map co-ordinates: (1529,3306)

Description: This body is chained come the wall acting as a roadblock noting as much as we deserve to travel along seller Bridge. This bridge is in the northeast edge of Bleake Island close come Panessa Studios.

We’ll require to inspect the body throughout three level of depth v our Detective Mode evidence scanner. Scan the complying with points the interest:

The **left hand ear** at the Skin layer level.The **Ring in lower, left torso** in ~ the Muscle great level.Right hand **hip replacement** in ~ the Bone layer level.

**Bleake Island Victim 2**

Map co-ordinates: (2015,2479)

Description: ~ above the roof that the Gotham Herald building, simply to the eastern of Oracle’s Clock Tower and north the the GCPD building. There is a radio tower ~ above the roof to do locating that easier.


Miagani Island Victim 1

Map co-ordinates: (3089,1861)

Description: On optimal of the royal Flush Gang building right in ~ the eastern finish of Salvation bridge and across the roadway to the north from the Riddler’s Pinkney Orphanage.

We’ll require to check the body throughout three levels of depth v our Detective Mode evidence scanner. Scan the following points the interest:

The large **shark bite scar on the appropriate side of the chest** in ~ the Skin great level.The **glass eye in the left hand eye socket** at the Muscle great level. **Splint and also screws on left arm** at the Bone great level.

Miagani Island Victim 2

Map co-ordinates: (2819,2246)

Description: On top of the ‘Heavenly’ building where the Gotham Casino is. This deserve to be discovered along the water come the west the Mercy Bridge and to the eastern of Elliott Memorial Hospital (about halfway in between the two).

We’ll need to inspect the body across three levels of depth v our Detective Mode evidence scanner. Scan the following points that interest:

A **birthmark ~ above the upper chest** at the Skin great level.The **bullet installed in the left arm** in ~ the Muscle layer level.Some **missing toes ~ above the right hand foot** in ~ the Bone class level.


The implanted **voice box close to the ideal hand shoulder** in ~ the Muscle class level.The appearance of **six finger on the appropriate hand** in ~ the Bone great level.

**Founders’ Island Victim 2**

Map co-ordinates: (2345,2021)

Description: This corpse deserve to be uncovered chained come the wall beneath the road running along the water top top the east side that the island by the Church and also graveyard. It is located roughly midway between Perdition Bridge and also Penitence Bridge.

We’ll need to examine the body across three level of depth with our Detective Mode proof scanner. Scan the adhering to points of interest:

**Removed tattoo** top top left leg at the Skin great level. **Kidney scarring** in the left torso at the Muscle layer level. **Metal plate** top top left next of head in ~ the Bone class level.

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After you have uncovered all six of the victims, you’ll have actually a fast chat with Alfred and later on receive one updated collection of objectives.