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Power of the Pen Creative Writing Contest
The 27th Power of the Pen competition invites writers periods 12-18, to submit original poeattempt and also short stories in both English and/or French. Prizes are awarded for first and second location in each of the seven age teams, in poeattempt and also brief story. Digital submissions are encouraged.


Participants deserve to enter poems and also brief stories in English and also French:

English - Please submit one poem and/or brief story per perboy in the English category. Each entry is inserted in one age team at the moment of entry (Period 12 poeattempt, Age 12 short story, Era 13 poeattempt, and so on.)French - Please submit one poem and/or short story in the French category.


Entries for each category are judged by either a published writer, teacher or reviewer. Entries are evaluated for originality, style and basic presentation, and also spelling and grammar. A 1st- and also 2nd-prize winner is chosen in each of the salso age categories (12-18) in poeattempt and short story.

French entries are judged in poeattempt and short story categories. A 1st and also 2nd prize is available in each category.

Each enattempt also qualifies for the Hamilton Association for the Growth of Literature, Science and also Art Maitland Banting Silver Quill award and Young Poet award. The winner in each category receives $250.

*French entries are not had in the HAALSA prize selection.

First prize winners in each age category receive $100 and also second prize winners in each age category get $25. All award winners get a certificate and a copy of the Power of the Pen publication.

How to Enter:

This year"s competition opens up in early June. The deadline for subobjectives is Thursday September 30, 2021.

Winners are informed in December 2021. Winners who have submitted a tough copy of their enattempt need to additionally administer a digital copy of their winning entry for publication and also posting.

For more indevelopment, please email Koren Nichol at knichol

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Note to Teachers:

If you are submitting a brief story or poem on befifty percent of a student, please ensure each composed submission is accompanied by a completed official entry develop.