Is over there anything wrong through your Overwatch? plenty of Overwatch customers say the they cannot play the game due to the error “Your rendering machine has to be lost”. Don’t panic if you have actually the exact same trouble. MiniTool offers 5 solutions and you can try them one by one till the problem goes away.

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Many Overwatch players have actually reported that they got very frustrating issue with the game. Once they room playing Overwatch, the display suddenly goes ago and Overwatch crashes. Then an error blog post “Your rendering machine has to be lost!” mister up.

Actually, this trouble is simple to fix. If you are facing the exact same issue, please shot the complying with solutions.

Solution 1: close Background Applications

When part applications which space conflicting through Overwatch (such together TeamViewer) room running in the background, you may obtain the Overwatch rendering an equipment lost error.

You have the right to press Shift + Ctrl + Esc to open up Task Manager and also end any type of applications which may reason the problem.

Warning: Don’t rotate off any kind of programs or procedures which are essential for your Windows.

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Solution 2: Reset the Frequency settings of her Hardware Components

If you have actually overclocked your CPU, GPU or any other hardware contents to get far better game experience, your Overwatch might crash and also show the error article “your rendering machine has to be lost”.

In this case, friend should collection the frequency or clock rate settings earlier to the default and then relaunch your Overwatch to see if the problem has to be solved.

If the error that your rendering machine has been lost Overwatch still exist after resetting this settings, you can try slightly underclocking your CPU or GPU, or shot the next solution.

Solution 3: Make sure You have permitted Superfetch Service

Superfetch is a Windows company that makes your applications launch faster and improve your system respond speed. If this company is turned off, you may receive “your rendering device has to be lost” error.

Follow the steps listed below to check it.

Step 1: press Win + R come invoke Run window. Then kind services.msc and also click OK to open up Services.

Step 2: check the Status that the Superfetch service. If that Running, you can just jump over the left steps. Otherwise, you must follow Step 3.

Step 3: Double-click Superfetch to open its Properties.

Step 4: In General tab, collection Startup type come Automatic and click Start button. Then click OK to confirm the alters you have made.

Step 5: Restart her computer. Climate launch Overwatch to examine if the problem disappears.



Step 4: choose Search immediately for updated driver software in the pop-up window. If home windows finds the recent driver, it will be downloaded and also installed automatically. Just follow the onscreen accuse to finish the process.

Then restart her PC and also open Overwatch to view if the problem has been fixed.

Solution 5: revolve on GPU Scaling

If you usage AMD graphic adapter, you have the right to try changing graphics setups to resolve the error that your rendering device has been lost Overwatch.

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You just need to open AMD Radeon Settings. Climate click Display and also turn top top GPU Scaling.