It was twenty years ago today, Sep. 20th, 1999, the Mankind did everything he can to apologize come The Rock. The result? The single highest-rated non-wrestling enhance segment in wrestling tv history. “This Is your Life” in celebration of The Rock as Mankind wanted to make sure the Rock ‘n’ amount say Connection live on. Let’s take it a trip down memory roadway as this historic segment remains number one ~ 20 years.

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Anytime girlfriend go ago and clock it, friend can’t help but smile as Mankind did all he can to do it work-related once again. Bringing the end teachers and also ex-girlfriends together with confetti couldn’t assist but make you laugh out loud. Mankind would continue to provide audio as each one to walk down and fans simply awaited every absent reaction possible. Confetti and also balloons surrounding the ring transparent this document segment. Below is remembrance as soon as step at a time.

Home economics Teacher Mrs. Betty Griffith 

Photo: WWE

Per Mankind, quite probably the first person to ever truly “smell what The Rock to be cooking”. Together she approached for a hug, The rock would stop her in her tracks. The Rock would go down memory roadway himself, asking Mrs. Griffith if she remembered the all The Rock want to execute was make pancakes. He would list lot of recipes she let that cook, however it was never pancakes. Until right before summer vacation, she gave him the opportunity to execute so. Yet of course, Mrs. Griffith fail The Rock as soon as again, running out of Aunt Jemima and failing him again.

He didn’t worry, as he just asked if she tho cooked. I m sorry of food turned into, “You should recognize your role, and also shut her mouth. Take a walk under ‘Know your Role’ Boulevard, cave that right on ‘Jabroni” Drive, and also then continue to inspect your Aunt Jemima, no pancake having ass straight into the SmackDown hotel.” Pure greatness indigenous The Rock.

Coach Everett Hart

Photo: WWE

This walk just and it did because that Betty. The Rock had actually no love for his “former” coach as he recalled being forced to operation sprints ~ DDTing the QB the the the contrary team, with every one of his pan watching. The absent complimented the whistle around his coaches neck. Which he proceeded come of course let him understand what he wanted to execute with it. “The rock would favor to take that whistle you got, that very whistle you placed to her lips, shine the up actual nice, rotate that sombitch sideways, and stick it straight up your candy ass!” periodically it is an overwhelming to believe how good The Rock yes, really was. “This Is your Life” stays a prime example. Mankind hilariously called him come “hit the bricks friend jerk” for great measure.

The Rock was at his wits finish with a title enhance later in the night, informing Mankind the this was strike two. that was ready to get it end with yet Mankind to be of course not finished simply yet. Foley would use the line of “the millions” as the fans would answer, resulting in The absent to remind him to never ever to the again. He thought it to be time to speak to the sensitive side of The Rock.

The Rock’s High institution Sweetheart: joanne Imbriani

Photo: WWE

Flashback time as The Rock would certainly remind jone of their Saturday night’s on her parent’s couch together they kissed a tiny bit, making it clear she loved The Rock’s tongue. He began to gain into information of how he slid his hand up her knee however she reduced The Rock off at “second base”. The boos rained under in the arena ~ above this one. That made it clean he hold no grudge, discovering she desires to walk “one-on-one with The an excellent One”. Over there is belief The Rock likewise named a certain kind of pie she want to give him. In short, that told her to gain on out of here.

Mankind’s last Favor: The People’s Present and also Yurple

Photo: WWE

Mankind play the victim here, apologizing because that not discovering those three were walking to it is in the worst in their respectful ways. A present was presented to The rock from Mankind i beg your pardon turned the end to it is in a brand brand-new Rock ‘n’ Sock link jacket. “Rock ‘n’ Sock” would be chanted throughout the arena as one an ext gift would certainly be provided to him, Mr. Rocko. Finally, the person standing exterior of the ring under the black color sheet would be revealed. It was Yurple the clown.”It doesn’t issue what your name is,” rock said. Mankind would lastly be upset by this and also tell him he will favor it currently as Yurple sings Happy Birthday.

The Reveal: It’s not The Rock’s Birthday

“The Rock’s birthday is May second you stupid kid of a bitch.” Mankind would educate The Rock the he knows, however every day he it s okay to invest time through him feels prefer it is someone’s birthday. Triple H would come under swinging for the head that The Rock however it wouldn’t work out, ending the highest possible rated segment in wrestles TV history.

The Magic and also Legacy

When you look back, it provides sense regarding why this may have actually been the highest-rated segment that all-time once it pertains to a non-wrestling match. The absent roasting the world from his life if Mankind does all he have the right to to try and placed a smile on his face in forgiveness. The Rock to be magical in everything he did, yet this details night two decades ago was special. Fans in the palm that his hand, Mankind reacting prefer he did, that was simply pure magic. A segment that has tried to be replicated times after, leading to what was even one time one of the worst segment in the background of Monday Night Raw.

Replication is impossible. Your is only one Rock. Mankind and also The Rock had actually a special connection with every other, and also the pan in the arena and around the civilization felt that. Twenty years later, city hall it over again, you deserve to still feeling that.

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