What does the battle is real mean?

My WiFi is sluggish. I can not find matching socks. I have actually a 9am meeting. The struggle is actual ...

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The struggle is real is a phrase that expresses joking, hyperbolic, and ironic frustration.


The struggle is actual is a phrase provided to describe a small, everyday frustrating instance or setback, similar to the complaint of first-civilization problems.

Its origin, yet, is much more significant. The struggle is genuine starts in hip-hop society, wright here the struggle describes the oppression and poverty challenged by black Americans, particularly in the inner-city. Use of this struggle days to the 1990s, however it was most likely prominent rapper 2pac that popularized the expression the battle is real on his 2002 posthumous track, “Fame”: “No, we ain’t blood, yet we still actual brothers. / The battle is genuine, nothin’ have the right to steal what we build.”

The original, earcolony sense of the struggle is real followed as it showed up on social media, and also by 2011, the expression was establiburned sufficient on its very own that the rap team DTMD released a song referred to as “The Struggle is Real” in late 2011, which even more enhanced the phrase.

Real talk: babsence womales please assistance your black men because the struggle is genuine.

— John Holmes II (
johnholmesii) December 9, 2009

Humor shortly took over, as is prevalent in slang and also social media. By beforehand 2012, babsence observers were utilizing the struggle is real to make wry observations about the artistic workarounds for life via limited suggests.

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#Inaghettofamily the battle is real pic.twitter.com/Yin0wb79

— Barry O. (
TheRegularShow_) March 20, 2012

the. battle. is. actual. pic.twitter.com/ePlrqszW

— .dank princess. (
helloMFkittyo_O) July 3, 2012

By late 2012, the struggle is real went full meme, via users captioning photos of hilarious jury-rigging via the expression.

TheKingDavid05: The struggle is real! I repeat! The struggle is real! pic.twitter.com/OYRDeHZN”