The ax duration describes A. How much sweat is lost during a workout. B. How long a exercise or exercise lasts. C. Exactly how strenuous a exercise is. D. How countless times per week a human being exercises
The hatchet duration describes A. Exactly how much sweat is lost during a workout. B. Exactly how long a practice or exercise lasts. C. Just how strenuous a exercise is. D. How countless times every week a person exercises
What"s the main difference between a an allegory and a simile? A. A simile compares two points by using the word "like" and a metaphor compares more than two things. B. A simile supplies "like" or "as" to do comparisons and a an allegory doesn"t. C. A simile is an include comparison and also a metaphor is a direct one. D. A simile is a form of figurative language, and a metaphor isn"t
The main difference between a metaphor and a simile is that: simile provides "like" or "as" to make comparisons and a metaphor doesn"t.

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The descriptive terms "cheerful," "melancholy," and "angry" describe a poem"s A. Sound. B. Structure. C. Tone. D. Type
If a poet writes, "the soil / is bare now, nor can foot feel, being shod", the best paraphrasing is A. The soil is damaged by people planting. B. Feet that wear shoes often hurt. C. The planet is worn bare from man"s use. D. Dust doesn"t feel great to to walk on
If a poet writes, "the soil / is ceiling now, nor have the right to foot feel, gift shod", the ideal paraphrasing is the planet is worn ceiling from man"s use.
What"s the best an interpretation of the hatchet "paraphrase"? A. To explain what a person"s abstract words actually median B. Come rewrite figurative language right into solid, an easy facts C. To put an additional person"s writing into your very own words D. To analysis every solitary line for hidden definitions
In "Life without Principle," package writes, "I would certainly have had actually him resolve his privatest experience, as the poet does." What go this declare mean? A. Speeches should employ figurative (poetic) language to obtain their point out across. B. People should speak from their hearts and also say what"s on their minds. C. People talk only around trivial things. D. Courtrooms are areas where human being traditionally lied
In "Life without Principle," parcel writes, "I would certainly have had actually him address his privatest experience, together the poet does." This statement way that: human being should speak from your hearts and also say what"s on your minds.

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