This remix of Bazzi’s “Beautiful” adds popular music singer, Camila Cabello come the mix. The initial song to be released ~ above July 13, 2017—around a year prior to the 2 would embark on… review More 

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HeyBeautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angelLove her imperfections, every angleTomorrow comes and goes prior to you knowSo i just had actually to let girlfriend knowThe means that Gucci look on you, amazingBut nothing have the right to compare to as soon as you're nakedNow a Backwood and some Henny gained you fadedSaying you're the one for me, I need to face itStarted when we to be youngerSwear come God that i loved herSorry that your mom discovered outGuess the we simply really had actually the thunderAin't nobody else the I'd be underBeautiful, beautiful life right nowBeautiful, beautiful night appropriate nowNo, no, noHeyBeautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angelLove her imperfections, every angleTomorrow comes and also goes before you knowSo ns just had actually to let girlfriend know

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Oh mine God, whereby did the time go?I great the hrs would walk slowHow is the 6 AM?Your touch is heaven-sentBeautiful, beautiful sight best nowBeautiful, beautiful life right nowGot the angels to sing ooh-ah right currently like, ooh-ahAnd this is why we’ve obtained to touch (Ah)Sometimes words space not sufficient (No)Painted in your gold kiss, honey dripping from your lipsI say thanks to God and my happy starsDarling, don't you understand what you are?Yeah, baby, friend are>Hey (Hey, baby)Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful angel (Ooh)Love your imperfections, every edge (Baby, baby)Tomorrow comes and also goes before you know (Yeah, baby)So ns just had to let you know>The way that Gucci look at on girlfriend amazing (Yeah, yeah)But nothing deserve to compare to once you're naked(Nothing deserve to compare, you're better when you, hey, Oh)Tomorrow comes and goes before you know (Yeah)So ns just had to permit you know (Oh, know, yeah)I just had actually to let friend knowSwear come God you're beautiful, yeah