I am really struggling through beating giants whenever before I face them they generally take out half my units. How many systems is appropriate to assault giants and what type of strategy should I be using?


I assumed you said "Why not do:" and also I watched the clip and also was favor..."That seems completely inefficient..." Then I realized you sassist NOT to carry out that :P

Bait it via something and kill it via snipers. I usage a titan through my sniper blob anymethod so I use that. A ranger running it around works too.

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Honestly you have the right to tank the huge via titans or Lucifer’s and have 30-40 snipers burst the giant.

A soldier takes 2 hits also. 4 soldiers as bait and also 35-40 snipers and you will shed the soldiers yet have to conserve the snipers.

Build out to them with 3 sets of walls, 3 ballistas, and your 30-40 snipers and simply pull it right into your defense.

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i haevnt tried anything however snipers. But pausage as soon as he agros and also tell every one of them to spread out in a fifty percent moon. Once he gets on the display screen tell them all to assault him. i normally only shed 5-10 this way depfinishing how i spread them out.

Snipers is the answer. I prefer to build a handful of Soldiers early if I get Iron from a source drop or an abandoned Executor, so I take them with and spread them out once I'm about to aggro the huge. He'll eat them one by one and also give your snipers time to shoot him complete of holes

I play soldiers only games... so I usage comrade Stalin's tactic. Sent one in initially, he dies, sent out in next one, then following.... while the rest are shooting the gigantic.

Haven't had a possibility to read various other comments. My favorite strategy is snipers--45 plus--and Titans if I have them. And then a ton of wall surfaces. Cause I expand also my teslas as I clear. No casualties, wall surfaces need to hopecompletely be much easier to replace than snipers... Plus you get half earlier when you blow them up.

I tfinish to make 20+ titans per map currently and also protect against giants with snipers clearing the map till my initially titan comes out. 1 titan+40 snipers and titan dies at about the same time as the huge, however you deserve to kite him ago a little bit so he survives. As said few rangers can do the same job I guess.

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Clear them out last, by that time you should have actually 30-40 veteran snipers. Then tank with a Titan or kite through some rangers who you don't mind shedding.