Today’s #VeteranOfTheDay is the most revered maritime to ever before strike are afraid in the hearts of the enemy. Lewis Burwell Puller, known affectionately by every Marines as “Chesty,” served in the united States marine Corps in people War I, plenty of skirmishes in central and southern America, civilization War II, and Korea. That enlisted together a personal in 1918 and rose come the rank of Lt. Gen. Before being medically retired after experiencing a punch in 1955.

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Marines the civilization over recount true and also exaggerated tales of Chesty’s heroism, not just in the face of the enemy, however standing up for and also taking an excellent care of his Marines as well. His management compass was so accurate that ~ discharging his .45 caliber pistol indoors, a mistake that would usually be a $20 fine because that a Marine, Chesty fined himself $100. That type of leadership has inspired thousands of Marines to lead from the front and collection the instance for their junior Marines.

Chesty is most renowned for his vessel in battle. His price quotes are used by marine Drill Instructors and also Gunnery Sergeants on a regimen basis in stimulate to build confidence and the battle fighting heart in Marines. Price quotes like:

“We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem.”

“They space in front of us, behind us, and also we are flanked ~ above both political parties by an foe that outnumbers united state 29:1. They can’t gain away now.”

And most famously…When an military captain inquiry him for the direction the the heat of retreat, Chesty radioed his Tank Commander, gave his tanks the army position, and also ordered:

“If they start to pull ago from that line, even one foot, I desire you to open fire on them.”Turning come the captain, Chesty bellowed, “Does the answer your question? We’re here to fight!”

Chesty is one of the many decorated Marines in history, yet his accolades go far past his five Navy Crosses, army Distinguished service Cross, silver- Star, 2 Legions that Merit, bronze Star, violet Heart, and three air Medals. He has actually a U.S. Navy frigate and also the new mobile landing platform called after him, the headquarters structure for second Fleet Antiterrorism defense Team is named Puller Hall, course 33 in Middlesex County, Virginia is named general Puller Highway, he to be honored through his own stamp by the United states Postal Service, and the nakatifund.orgl Corps mascot is always named Chesty Pullerton.

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Chesty passed away Oct. 11, 1971, however his memory and also his tradition lives top top in every nakatifund.orgl who has actually earned the eagle, globe and also anchor. The expression “one an ext for Chesty!” is among the most typical phrases uttered in the maritime Corps and we see it fitting to kick off the brand-new Year through a tribute to among the bravest fighting men to every enlist in the United claims military.